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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How To Tuesday: Charm Packs

So I always notice when there is giveaway going on with charm packs all my ckc girls are not jumping on it. And you should be!!!! So I teamed up with Southern Fabric this month. To show you guys that there are still a ton of great things we "clothing seamstresses" can do with charm packs.
So I got this awesome set of charm packs.! And the colors are to die for.

And so I sat and played with them during nap time and then it hit me!! So below you will find tutorials on how to make a Fall scarf and belt.

Lets start with the scarf! Cute eh? I love it! Your going to need 8 squares and 1/6 a yard of flannel or fleece.

So to start you will place your pieces right side together and sew down one side. You will repeat this step until you have 1 long strip that has a total of 8 squares.

Next you will cut your flannel and or fleece to 5''x40''. You will then pin your flannel and scarf right sides together. And starting at one end you sew along all four edges, making sure to leave a one inch gap to turn the scarf right side out.

Now you top stitch all 4 outside edges making sure to close the open gap.

Next you will make a mark 8 inches up from one of the ends. This is where you will make a button hole like shown.

And buy sliding the other end though that button hole you are now finish!

Now on to the super easy D ring belt. The only thing you need for this is a pair of D rings. 1st measure your little ones waist and then add 10". Then take this number and divide it by 5. This will give you the number of squares you need for your belt.

Now just like we did with the scarf we will start by making one long piece of squares. (1 x # you came up with)

Next  we are going to be ironing our belt in bias tape form. To do this we will take our strip, fold it in half length wise, and iron so we have a nice crease. Open the strip back up so the crease is going down the center. Now we will fold both of the long sides in so that they meet at the crease in the center and iron. Once ironed fold it in half again lengthwise like we did in the beginning; the original center crease we made will be along the bottom and the two folds will be lined up at the top.

Now top stitch down both lengths of the belt.

Now we are going to finish our two short ends. One you will hem and the other you will attach the the D rings by sliding the fabric though the D rings and folding the fabric over onto its self and stitching it closed. 

And yes just like that you are finished with the belt!! Boo ya! 

And to just top it all off I also made a matching hair bow by using the scrap buster tutorial I posted a few weeks back.

So now here is the fun part! Southern Fabric has provided us with a second charm pack to giveaway! So make sure to go check them out. They have some of the sweetest customer service and they carry some very trendy fabrics. Some by designers I had never heard of. And if you know me, you know that is rare! 
I mean really look at some of these new lines they are getting in! Im swooning! 
Okay so here is the Giveaway, make sure to enter and start thinking of all the fun goodies you make with the charm pack!
Happy Sewing Y'all!!

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