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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How To Tuesday: Ruler Folding

So I spent some time last week online looking for some storage ideas for ALL this fabric I have collected. After what seemed like a life time on Pinterest, I decided to take a look at Ikea. I'm not sure how its possible but I'm pretty sure there website is just as fun as the store! So I found the perfect bookcase! And even better yet I measured and made sure, and it will fit in my tiny sewing room!!! YAY! And when I go to show the hubby, he informs that I'm "not quite there yet".

Ha! Well he has obviously never looked in the closet in my sewing room then! After showing him my boxes and boxes and boxes of fabric, he still insists there is not enough for the bookcase. So I'm out to prove him wrong and show him not only could I use one but I could probably use two. (if two will fit) So after reading over the measurements of the cubes I started to wonder if I wanted to store my fabrics on boards or by folding it all. And after checking the size of the cubes I felt that I could best utilize them by neatly folding all my fabric using the ruler technique. So I started the daunting task of folding them all. And thought that not everyone knows how to ruler fold, so here is a quick how to one ruler folding!

The goal of ruler folding is to end up with a stack of fabric that are the same length and width. Make sure you measure your storage space so you don't find yourself  having to unfold and refold all your fabrics! My folded pieces end up right at about 6" wide, and 11" long. Which is the size I need in order to neatly fit two stacks in each cubby. Your size will vary depending on the size of ruler you use, and how much fabric you have to fold. So play around with your rulers to find a size that works for you.
First, make sure the fabric is folded in half, lengthwise, selvage edges together, Most fabrics come off the bolt like this. 
Starting at one raw edge we will begin wrapping the fabric around the ruler.  It’s almost like mini bolt of fabric.
Keep wrapping until you reach the end of the fabric. At this point if you are weird about your raw edges like me you can fold the raw edge inward. Then, finish wrapping the bolt, This will enclose the raw edge into the folds.
Next pull the ruler out from the middle of the fabric.
Fold the mini fabric bolt in half . And your done!
I'm off to keep folding all these fabrics and convince hubby its time for a trip to Ikea. You can keep up with my growing ruler folded fabric stacks on Instagram, @createkidscouture
Happy Sewing Y'all!


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  2. I really enjoyed reading your article. I found this as an informative and interesting post, so i think it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the effort you have made in writing this article.

  3. Wonderful! I've heard about this, but your pin on pintrest was the first one I came across. I am also liking your bookshelf! I'm signing up today to subscribe to your blog-Thanks for being there with ideas.

  4. I also do something similar but instead fold the length of the fabric in half twice making it about 10" to 11" wide then I "roll" it around my 6" wide ruler. This makes for a nice size for storage on a shelf, in a plastic box (always clear so you can see what you have), etc. Also, by counting how many layers then multiplying, you can calculate how much fabric you have. Very handy!

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  6. Do you have a picture showing all your fabric in the IKEA storage? I love your idea and have the same bookcase.