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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quilt Market Fairy Godmothers and More

We have to admit...we were a little intimidated going to Quilt Market for the first time. After all, we were the new kids on the block. We didn't know what to expect or how people would receive us. We know our Facebook fans who follow us for our PDFS are an incredible group of people who always support us, but we also knew that the people attending Quilt Market largely come from a whole different crowd and our successes in the PDF pattern world meant little in this arena.

Enter Our Quilt Market Fairy Godmothers.
Yes, that's right. We are lucky enough to have more than one.
First, Pat Bravo, owner of Art Gallery Fabrics.

Pat was sweet enough to help nudge open some doors for us and get us in. She encouraged us to forge ahead despite our uncertainties.

She also provided all of the beautiful fabric for the samples in our booth. We can't thank Pat enough for her help and generosity! If you're not familiar with Pat Bravo, you must go look at her beautiful fabric collections at Art Gallery Fabrics.

And then there's Caroline Critchfield, our second Quilt Market Fairy Godmother.

Here's Caroline, on the far right. Tiffany is in the middle and Susan from Blue Susan Makes is on the left. Caroline runs Sew Can She, and if you don't follow her already, you must do it now! Every day she posts an awesome free sewing tutorial. You can find her Facebook page here. Caroline was sweet enough to stand up and give us a shout out during our schoolhouse presentation. We were nervous about giving our talk and answering questions, and what she did really helped break the ice. Then she came by our booth with the best boxes of little chocolates. Yum! This turned out to be a lifesaver because we didn't get the chance to leave the booth much for food and Robin was able to use the cute ribbon that came around the box as a paci strap for Abby! Yes, a fairy godmother, indeed!

There was no shortage of wonderful people at Quilt Market. Here are our booth neighbors,

They have lovely patterns for sale, go check them out!

A couple booths down was Melissa Stramel of  Lilac Lane Patterns.

Melissa has some super cute patterns and was sweet enough to send us home with a copy of her book to give away. Be sure to come back tomorrow and enter the giveaway!

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