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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Simple Fixes

Ever since I got back from vacation, I feel like I've been playing catch up. The seasons are finally beginning to change here, and I am in the middle of trying to switch out the season's wardrobes for the whole family. My entire living room is filled with piles and tubs and bags right now.

Holy cow, it can be totally overwhelming!!! This is just one of 8 piles. And, of course, while I'm trying to do this project, my three little ones are tearing up the place. Abby is relocating all the canned goods from the pantry into her brother's bedroom. I'm about to pull my hair out. I've got to finish this job and get on with my day!!! But, I found a couple pair of jeans that I bought for my oldest last Christmas. They still fit, but in typical boy fashion, Aden has torn out the knees by sliding across the floor and skidding out during gym class at school. He loves that they're torn, in fact, on pair he has ripped them out even more- seam to seam. Mama is not happy about this! The next size up is still too big, so I'm going to do something to salvage these jeans. Besides, I need to retreat to my sewing room, just for a few minutes...or I'm going to lose it! I have to get away from this mess!

Here's my 2 pair of jeans that need fixing. One is just a little hole, but if I leave it, he will certainly "improve on it" and make it bigger. The other, geez, boys!

So here's what I need for my little project. A scrap of fabric, Heat N Bond Ultra hold, and scissors. Oh, and an iron. The hardest part about this project was finding a scrap the my son would approve of...he ditched the one pictured in favor of a digital houndstooth. This is not difficult, anyone can do this. You do not have to sew anything, although you certainly can if you want to add durability. I would expect this to hold about 10 washes with no sewing, and with the short winters here, that's all I need!

So first, the small hole. I just want to add a little something on the back to reinforce the fabric and keep it from fraying further or getting bigger. So, I just cut a little patch a couple inches bigger than the hole, apply heat n bond to the right side of the fabric, and trim the patch to the size I want it to be once the heat n bond has cooled. My hole is pretty much covered by the strings, so the heat n bond will bind to them.
Here's my patch. I've applied the heatnbond and peeled off the paper backing. It's ready to iron on.

 Ironing the right side of the scrap onto the wrong side of the jeans.
Doesn't really look any different from the outside, but should get us through the season!
Now, onto my second pair!

I cut my heat n bond paper to cover the right side of the fabric; then I cut out the hole so there would not be any adhesive on that part once I apply the heat n bond. You want the hole to be about the same size as your hole on your pants.

Here's my patch ready to apply. I just line up the hole in the pants with the part of the patch with no adhesive and iron it on.

Since my hole was so large, I actually went around the back of the leg a little on both sides with my patch.

And done, Viola!!!

He's happy because I'm letting him wear his cool ripped pants to school. I'm happy because I don't have to spend anymore money on jeans!

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