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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How do you store your pdf patterns??

Hi, I am Greta. I kind of blog over at I haven’t been that good in keeping up lately. Too much sewing going on over here!! I am here today to share with you how I store my pdf patterns. I started printing mine all out as I got them and was paper clipping them and started piling them up and up and up. I decided I needed a better way. This is what I ended up with and still use today. It helps me find a specific dress, pants, skirt, jammies, toys, household item pattern with ease.

As you can see I have about 21 binders on my shelves right now. That always grows to more as they get filled. Once I add more I need to find another spot to store those too! I got some of these free and some I paid for so you may notice some odd binders mixed in there but long as I have them labeled I don’t care!

You see this is how they fit..very easily in the plastic sleeves that you can even sometimes find at the dollar store! It is great because I can store the pattern and the pattern pieces all in one place. I never have lost a single piece this way.

I fold them and they flatten out easily enough to place on top of the fabric with my fabric weights to cut the pieces.

See…hardly any fold marks really left and I didn't even smooth it out for this picture!

Yes I do love CKC patterns. Can you tell? I have most of them and I can’t wait for more to come out! It has become quite the collection and my daughters are looking so lovely wearing each and every one of them!
Genevieve's Knot Top

Joy's Lace Twirly Dress

  See..aren’t these patterns amazing?!?! The girls get compliments every single time we go out and they are wearing something that I made them with my own hands. It truly warms my heart when people make compliments on their outfits and they say, “My Mom made this for me!”

Anyway, I got a little off track there. Here are a few of my other binders too. I just stick a piece of paper or label on them with what is in each folder. Easy peasy, right?! This is what I if you have other ideas please share them in the comment section so we can all find new ways to store our pdf patterns. Thanks for having me! Greta

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