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Monday, October 22, 2012

Queen Bee Clotherie wins Boutique of the Month

Sometimes greatness just comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the face. That's kind of how it was when we were talking about who would be our boutique of the month for October. We usually try to pick someone who has been in business for a while, with a solid track record, and lots of experience to back them up. This month, we couldn't do that, because someone new and fresh just kind of fell in our lap...someone whose work and professionalism is top notch right out of the starting gate. So while you may not have heard of The Queen Bee Clotherie yet, trust me, this boutique is a stand out. Go like her Facebook Page and her Etsy Shop which will be getting filled're going to want to keep and eye on Julie Burns; she's the next big thing. Congratulations, Julie, you are our October Boutique of the Month!

Hi everyone! Julie from The Queen Bee Clotherie here! I am super honored to be named boutique of the month, especially by CKC whom I admire and look up to so much!


I'm just going to tell all of you reading this post (thanks for taking time out of your busy day to stop by here!!) a couple quick things about myself and my boutique. Then I have a fun and easy tutorial to share with you combining my two favorite hobbies; sewing and photography! So let's begin!

Julie Oct 2011 026cr

(Photo courtesy of the wonderful Addy Kaupp Photography)

That's my little family above, with my three daughters who I love to sew for. Problem is, my oldest two have already decided that for the most part, they are too "big" for the custom clothing that I adore sewing. So I started up my boutique as an outlet for my sewing obsession (oh and bringing in some extra money to help out the family doesn't hurt either!!) I'm really just starting out still, but I hope to grow and become successful like the girls at CKC!

And now onto the free tutorial! It is for making a gorgeous little fabric bunting banner that can be used to add interest to photos of your boutique clothing, or just to use as decoration for your party or home. Here's a little sneak peek at the final product of this tutorial:


Fabric Bunting Tutorial

Free Template click HERE to download
Rotary Cutter (cutting mat) or Scissors
Bias Tape (I used Double Fold Extra Wide, 2.75 Metre (around 9ft))
Sewing Machine
Serger (Optional)


First step: Cut out 8 pieces of fabric using the template


Second step: Finish the edges of the fabric triangles. I did a rolled hem on my serger, but you could finish with additional bias tape, a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine, or even just leave the edges unfinished (knowing that it will fray).


Finished Triangles

Third step: Figure out how far apart you want your triangles. If you do a 9 ft section like I did, I measured 19 inches of bias tape, then pinned my first triangle. Then left 3 inches of bias tape empty, then pinned my second triangle and so on until all of my triangles were ready to be sewn in a row. At the end, I had another 19 inch (ish) section of bias tape empty.



Final step: Sew along the bottom of the bias tape, enclosing the top of the fabric triangles in the fold.


And that is it! Pretty easy huh? If you like this tutorial, please try it, pin it and share it! And come on over, like my page, and say hi! It makes me a very happy lady to have new fans :)

Thanks to the CKC ladies for having me on the blog, and I'll leave you with some pictures of my youngest daughter wearing a dress I sewed (and will be selling this design in my shop!) using the CKC Noel's Patchwork Twirly Dress and leggings made using the Kelsey's Ruffled Leggings pattern.





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