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Monday, July 23, 2012


We just reached 7000 fans so I think this calls for a celebration! 
How about a HUGE giveaway???

We'll be doing a Back 2 School/7000 Fan Celebration August 13-19. If you would like to donate a prize to the giveaway please email us at 
Just like our last giveaway, we are expecting HUGE amounts of people to participate. I believe people gained 400+ fans on their pages in our last giveaway. I'm shooting for at least 500 this time! lol.  

This is also a great time to sign up for advertising on our blog for the month ;) In January, when we had our last giveaway, we had almost 20,000 page views that month--our average for the previous months was about 6,000 page views so we jumped up a lot! As of last month we're averaging 25,000 pageviews so we're hoping for BIG numbers during this giveaway. If you are interested in advertising on our blog one month is just $25 or 3 months for $65 (that's $10 off!). Our Boutique Directory may be full but there is still plenty of advertising space on our blog! If interested, please email us at

Happy Sewing Giving!!!
Shannon and Tiffany

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