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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Behind the "Seams" with CKC

Welcome to our new segment Behind the "Seams". Cute play-on-words, huh? Normally, its probably more witty to not get all excited and point it out and to just let you catch it like we're cool and hip. Buuuuuut....we're neither of those things SO do you like our play-on-words? lol.

In this new blog segment we're gonna be discussing and sharing things about ourselves so all our awesome fans can get to know us more. Hopefully you won't laugh at us too much! Actually, I'm hoping you'll find us boring at quit right now. Because I really don't want to have to show you what our fans on Facebook requested to see: our sewing rooms. Tiffany's isn't so bad--although maybe its because her pics are 2 months old and everything was nice and organized--not that I'm calling her out or anything. 

So here is my (Shannon) sewing room. Let me preface this by saying, well, I don't really have a good excuse. I tried to declutter what I could, but from the pictures below, my massive pile of fabric was too much to handle on such short notice. So here it is in all its glory. I just moved her in October and I'm moving July 1st-ish to a much bigger space. I can't wait to spread everything out again.

This is what you see when you walk in the door. Fabric and an ironing board to the left and a cutting table (with piles of half sewn projects on it) straight ahead.

 Take one step in the room and you'll see my sewing table with my Kenmore sewing machine and  Juki serger. Now, let me point out all the little things you may not notice. lol. The giant tub under my cutting table? Scraps and outfits I need to sell. Next to that? My regular Janome Sewing Machine that I've been meaning to take in to get checked for the past 3 weeks--clearly I'm on top of things! Behind that is just a few of my bolts of fabric. Above that, you may notice a calendar....dated for February! lol. Oh and why is my lamp on in broad daylight? Beats me!

Here is my door, Rowenta iron, ironing board, and computer/shipping area. Nothing exciting here except for my backdrops in the big tube and my robe for when its freezing in my sewing room in the winter.

Lastly, another view of my overflowing fabric. I have my "models" on top of my fabric stash. Aren't they beautiful? I dressed them up for the occasion! lol.

Now, onto Tiffany's sewing room...a.k.a. entire basement!

My sewing machine, sergers (yes, two! one for serging and one for rolled hems), cutting table, and fabric.

More fabric, finished clothing, and my printing and shipping table.

A little place with toys for Natalie to play while I work! This is a huge help when needing to sew!

And lastly, why I can get so much done and still be with family! My husbands TV room. I love that it's all in one place so I can still hang out with the family and not feel hidden away while I'm working :) Which is also good for keeping an eye on the kids

Now that's it! You got a little peek into our favorite spaces. They might not be magazine worthy but we love them! Now that we've shown you ours, we'd love to see your space too. If you're feeling brave, you can email us a picture at and we'll set up an album so we all can see each others sewing rooms! Fun right???

We hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions you've been DYING to ask us or wanna know how or why we do something? Ask here! You just may see it soon in a post!

Happy Sewing!
Shannon and Tiffany

1 comment:

  1. Must be great to have all this space. I sew on one end if a 2' x 4' folding table & cut on the rest. Yes, I make small clothing, up to about SZ 6. Love your designs.