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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lucky Us...

Penny's Patchwork Twirler Dress and Vivian's Peasant Top paired with Danielle's Cuffed Short
 So, about a month ago, we were contacted by THE Pat Bravo--famous fabric designer and co-owner of Art Gallery Fabrics. She said she loved our pattern designs and would like for us to create some outfits using fabrics from one of her lines. Tiffany and I wrote back within minutes of her email *thrilled* beyond our wildest dreams. First, let me say, that one of our fave fabric designers IS Pat Bravo. Since we started purchasing designer fabrics we always seemed to gravitate towards her fabrics; I don't know if it's her bohemian-like style or her beautifully unique color choices. Whatever it is, we dig it! So Pat Bravo is awesome and we love her fabrics so we did not hesitate to say "yes". Now the fun part: choosing our fabrics. We got a huge catalog of about 235435342 fabric choices and samples and we chose the first line we looked at: Poetica. It reminded me of picking my wedding dress because the same thing happened. lol. I tried on exactly 2342308 dresses and still chose the first one I tried on.

Autumn's Peasant Romper and Serena's Stripwork Double Layer Dress
Once we chose the Poetica we knew exactly which outfits we wanted to make. In the pink and purple colorway, I made the Autumn's Peasant Romper and Tiffany made the Serena's Stripwork Double Layer Dress. We also both made matching headbands for the outfits using scraps and we were really pleased with how the outfits came together. The fabric was soft and easy to work with and the colors were vibrant! We really just loved how these two outfits, in particular, look together; of course, the adorable models help! Huge thank you to Puddle Jumpers Photography for providing us with cute-as-a-button models and crystal clear pictures. They make all of our hard work worth it <3

Serena's Stripwork Double Layer Dress
Autumn's Peasant Romper
With the blue and purple colorway, I made the Vivian's Peasant Top with the Attached Sash paired with the Danielle's Cuffed Shorts and Tiffany made the Penny's Patchwork Twirly Dress. We asked Angela of Shake-Up Snow Designs if she would make headbands to match for us and she graciously agreed. I've been working with Angela for a year now and I just love how she is able to pull out the perfect color combos from any outfit we give her; on top of that she's an amazing person to work with. We loved the cool tones of these fabrics and thought they looked breathtaking on our adorable models. Again, these images were captured by Samantha of Puddle Jumpers Photography who continually amazes us with her beautiful images. She really does bring these outfits to life. 

Vivian's Peasant Top with Attached Sash and Danielle's Cuffed Shorts. Headband by Shake-Up Snow Designs.

Penny's Patchwork Twirler in action! Headband by Shake-Up Snow Designs.
There were so many beautiful pictures from this shoot it was so hard to narrow it down to just these photos. If you would like to view them all check out our album on our Facebook Page. If you're not our fan be sure to become one so you can stay up-to-date on what we are working on next and be the first to know when we have sales or release a new pattern!

Also, check out Puddle Jumpers Photography. If you are lucky enough to live in the Chicago-land she could totally take your family photos. Or if you own a boutique, she obviously takes amazing product shots that will SELL your items for you. They are worth their weight in gold I tell ya!

Finally, be sure to head over to Shake-Up Snow Designs. Her hair candy is gorgeous and, most importantly, affordable. Her kindness and talent will knock your socks off!

Finally, be sure to like Pat Bravo on Facebook so you can stay up-to-date with her fabric lines coming out! Her style will blow you out of the water and leave you wanting more. We are so honored that she asked little 'ole us to create outfits using her fabrics. She doesn't have any kids clothing patterns so hopefully we were able to help show how cute her fabrics are FOR boutique children's clothing and we inspired you to try using her fabrics for the little one in your life.

Happy Sewing!
Shannon and Tiffany

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