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Monday, January 9, 2012

Policy on Using Our Photos

This is one post we really never thought we'd have to write...I guess that was naive of us and we apologize for that. It has come to our attention recently that our photos are being used on boutiques pages showing off the patterns they have access to. In the past, as long as they gave us credit, we were okay with it; however, after recent events and careful consideration we have decided to NOT allow this anymore.

We request that if you own any of our patterns, you first create an outfit made using that pattern and post pictures of your outfit on your page. I know it is tempting to use our photos and to post pictures of fabrics you have so your customers can pick out there own outfits, however it is just not fair to anyone. If they are a first time customer, they may not be familiar with your sewing and they may be expecting a quality they are not receiving. Your customers could also choose the fabrics off your site and just not like the way they came together--customers can be picky that way. lol. Additionally, sometimes customers want exactly what they see and it can be oh-so-tempting to accommodate. The thing about our pictures are the majority of them came from our personal boutiques (Dashingly Dainty Designs and Whimsical Willows Couture) as well as our testers personal boutiques, probably where we are selling that exact outfit! In the end, not only would you be stealing a photo from our pattern shop, but you are also stealing potential customers from someone else's boutique which becomes a huge problem! In the end, you are not giving credit where credit is due. Tiffany and I work hard to create our designs AND our outfits. We hand pick photographers and sometimes models for our outfits. Yes, it really stinks having to send out outfits to photographers for free, BUT that is why our pictures are so great. When you use our pictures without our permission, not only are you hurting yourself, but you are also hurting your customers, us (and even our customers if you are using one of our customers photos), and our photographers.

We WILL allow you to use our pictures when you post a link. For example, "Look at this cute new pattern I bought from Create Kids Couture today! Pictures coming soon of my newest creation using this pattern <3 (insert link to pattern)" Again, things of this nature is allowed AND encouraged. We want you to share our patterns and be excited about them. We do not want you stealing credit for our hard work.

Starting tomorrow, January 10, 2012, this will completely go into effect. That should give you time to remove any photos of ours that are not being used properly as described above. If you have any questions regarding the use of our pictures feel free to email us! We are more than happy to discuss everything more thoroughly and clarify anything that could be confusing!

Thank you everyone for understanding!

Shannon and Tiffany

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