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Monday, January 9, 2012

Boutique of the Month

Create Kids Couture is excited to announce Tutu Precious as our January Boutique of the Month! We've actually known Tiffany for about a year through Facebook. She is one of the nicest boutique owners we know and boy, can she do some amazing things with tulle!

Pettirompers from Tutu Precious. How cute are these???
We interviewed Tiffany a few days ago and we had so much fun chatting back and forth! She also gave some great advice to new boutique owners. Read the entire interview below...

Create Kids Couture: So congratulations on being our second ever boutique of the month! We just love you and your work! I know you do a lot of sewing, but your name leads me to believe that you started out making tutus, is this true? How long have you been sewing and what got your started?

Tutu Precious: I started sewing back in high school when I took 2 years of clothing. After that, I kind of dropped it until I had my daughter, Aubrey, in March 2010. I quit work to stay at home with her, and I made a few tutus one day when she was about a month old to take cute pictures of her in. I posted pictures on my Babycenter Birth Club and had tons of ladies wanting me to make them tutus for their little girls. I opened up my FB page in early June of 2010 and started selling tutus and hairbows, mainly just to the ladies in my BBC. They invited their friends, who invited their friends, and my page quickly grew.

CKC: Wow. That's really neat! I love how the Internet has made it possible for so many of us crafters to really have a chance to sell our stuff; especially as a SAHM! I know I wouldn't have time to go to craft shows every weekend to make money. So being a SAHM and a boutique owner, how do you find the time to fulfill orders, create new pieces, and just run a business in general?

TP: Due to my high-risk pregnancy right now I'm not taking TOO many orders at the moment, but I've taken a few lately. Right now I have a hard enough time keeping up with my 2 year old as is, add a big belly to the mix and I'm moving SLOW...
Before my pregnancy, and I'm sure it will be the same after this baby arrives, I work as much as I can before she wakes up, during nap time, and after she goes to sleep at night.

CKC: So, are there any business or person that really inspire your work (other than your daughter ;o) lol)?

TP: I do most of my stuff custom to order, so its usually 99% the customers request. Sometimes I will add in a little something extra or put my own spin on it, but I try to make it as close to their request as possible.

Witch Costume from Tutu Precious

CKC: So what has been your all-time favorite piece that you've created?

TP: Tutu-wise, my witch costume I made this past year for Halloween... I had never seen anything like it, and I made it up as I went and I LOVED how it turned out..
Clothing-wise, probably the [Penny's] Patchwork twirler dress I tested out for you guys! I LOVE that pattern!

CKC: Yes! That was just our second pattern and you were one of our first ever testers! You are one of the ONLY testers we have continued to use from the start.
So, last question: If you could go back to when you first started Tutu Precious and tell yourself about the most important thing you've learned as a business owner thus far, what would it be?

TP: :) Now I feel special.. I really do love that pattern. Aubrey has 2 dresses from that pattern in her closet right now!
1. You will NEVER please everyone.
2. Don't worry about what everyone else likes, find your inspiration and go with the flow...

Penny's Patchwork Dress as tested by Tutu Precious <3

CKC: Those are 2 of the best words of wisdom we've heard!

Congrats to Tiffany of Tutu Precious. We wish you nothing but great success with your business and we value your opinion as a tester :o)

Everyone,  please go like Tutu Precious and check out all of her creations for yourself! Its truly inspiring.

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