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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh Holy Bananas!

Just noticed in our stats we are getting a lot of hits here from a pin on Pinterest!

Cool, I thought, I wonder which one of our pins are bringing people here.

That's when I saw it. This glorious pin. With a grand total of 1562 pins. Say what?

Photo courtesy of LullabyBird on

As soon as I saw that picture I HAD to make one and now I'm SO glad I did! Not only are people loving the free tute, but I see fabric tutus popping up everywhere now! Of course, I didn't invent the fabric tutu, but I'd like to think Create Kids Couture had our hand in making it somewhat popular. Although, I admit, we certainly couldn't have done it without our fans and probably even not without Pinterest. lol.

Keep on Pinning,

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