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Friday, December 16, 2011

Boutique of the Month

Tiffany and I have been wanting to do this for awhile and we're so excited to finally have the following to be able to share these wonderful boutiques with! We think in the boutique and sewing world, it is very important to put yourself out there in order to meet new people and to share your skills with others. This is the basis that Create Kids Couture was created and we want to help others to do the same. So without further adieu, our first Boutique of the Month is: Alicia's Sew Amazing Creations! Alicia is one of our favorite customers who has grown to be a friend. We find ourselves checking her page for new creations using our patterns and we're always pleased with what she creates because she has a great eye for fun fabrics.

Anika's Romper that Alicia made and added an extra ruffe on there! So cute and perfect for Autumn.

When we wrote Alicia yesterday about being our very first BotM she was very excited--as were we. We had a great interview with her that you can read below!

Create Kids Couture: When did you start sewing and why did you start?   
Alicia: I started sewing about 8 years ago. I wanted to make simple valences for my bedroom windows. That small project lead to other small projects and eventually I got brave enough to start making clothes for myself.

CKC: Why did you start Alicia's Sew Amazing Creations?
Alicia: When I started sewing more for people I realized I loved sewing. It wasn't until I found Whimsical Willows and Tutu Cute and a few other pages on facebook that I thought I may actually be able to make clothes and sell them so I went all in and started my business.

Jenna's Ruffle Pants Pattern made by Alicia with cute peasant top.

CKC: What inspires you?
Alicia: My inspiration comes from everywhere. I am a very visual person. For example, I may look at a toy and see something in it I like and from there look for fabrics that remind of it. I also get inspired from looking at other businesses. There is some major talent on Facebook and Etsy.

CKC: Who is your favorite fabric designer or what is your favorite fabric line?
Alicia: Right now, I love Dena Designs. There are so many I like but I'm drawn to her lines right now.

Holiday themed Sophia's Open Back Ruffle Dress paired with Olivia's Ruffle Butt Pants.

CKC: What is the outfit you are most proud of and why (this doesn't have to be made using a CKC pattern either?)
Alicia: The outfit I am most proud of would definitely be the Sophia Dress and ruffle butt pants. I was so pleased with how it turned out.

CKC: What is your favorite CKC pattern?
Alicia: LOL. This question is one that can't be answered. I currently have about 13 CKC patterns. I absolutely LOVE them ALL!! I have never run across patterns like these. They are easy to read, easy to execute. I can honestly say I am addicted.

Tasha's T-Shirt Dress Pattern paired with Tara's Tutu Tights. Perfection.

Big thanks to Alicia and please do check out her Facebook Page and become her new fan! She is so sweet and such a great person to talk sewing with!

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