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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big Announcement!!!

Okay as promised here is our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Starting tomorrow we are going to be having a "Boutique Of The Month" feature on our blog! We will choose one boutique monthly that we have noticed using our patterns that  has impressed us! They will get an entire blog post devoted to them with links and pictures and an interview! Oh yeah, and they will receive a free pattern of their choice. Exciting, huh?

If you don't own a boutique you may be thinking, "Well, this sucks. I don't own a boutique." lol. But no worries, we got YOU covered too! We will be having a "Facebook Fan of the Month" as well! Woohoo!

Look for your chance to be our "Fan of the Month" tomorrow on Facebook and be sure to check our blog for our "Boutique of the Month" as well!!!


  1. Great idea!!!!!!! I can't wait to start sewing again after the holidays!!!! Lots of CKC stuff in the works :-)
    Susan with Prickly Pear

  2. Cant wait!!! Can we enter both the boutique of the month and the fan one if on different months??

  3. Wonderful idea. This will be a lot of fun.