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CHOOSE:  You will begin by purchasing a PDF pattern here, or choosing one of our free patterns here

DOWNLOAD:  You will then download the pattern to your computer and/or other storage. To make sure you never lose your files, we recommend saving to Dropbox (it's free) and you can read more about that here

OPEN:  When you're ready, you will open the pattern on your computer or other device. It is okay to print the entire pattern but many of us only print the pieces. You can read more on that here if you didn't already above.  

PRINT: The pattern pieces should be printed on standard paper (8.5"x11") and if there are multiple pages you will tape them together along the labeled lines. You can also use the layers option available on our newer pattern and only print the size(s) you need. For more details on printing with layers, please read this blog post.There are some important tips for making sure your pieces print correctly, so please read our quick blog post on how to print your PDF patterns. If you follow the guidelines and find that your 1" square does not print correctly the first time, you may need to switch to Adobe Reader using our instructions here. It's not hard at all, just very important.

A0 Files: Copy shop files are formatted into one or more giant pages. This means that you don't have to tape pattern pieces together. Depending on the business you send the file to, you will have an option to email, upload the file to a print shop's website, or save the file to a flash drive and bring it to the print shop. The file will need to be printed at 100%. Pages are set at A0 format 31.1" by 46.8". You can also use the layers option and only print the size(s) you need. For more details on printing with layers, please read this blog post. Most importantly, before you take it home, make sure to measure the 1" box so you know that it is printed correctly. 

TAPE: If your pattern piece is larger than one page, you will need to tape your pieces together by overlapping the edges and matching up the overlap lines. Tape all the pages together according the the lines. You can read more about taping your pieces together here.

CUT PIECES: The pattern pieces, after being printed and taped, will work the same way as paper patterns that you buy at the store. Simply cut out the pieces for your size, following any special instructions that might be written on the pattern pieces. Pin the pieces to your fabric and cut. There are helpful photos in the "Cutting" instructions near the beginning of the PDF pattern, if you need them. 

CUT RECTANGLES:To conserve your ink and paper, any time there is a square or rectangular shape that is needed for your outfit, we use a cutting chart to tell you those dimensions so you can cut it without having to print the pieces. Simply use a rotary cutter and mat to quickly cut those rectangles. This saves a LOT of time too! If you'd like, you can find our step-by-step photo instructions for using a rotary cutter here. If you don't own a rotary cutter, you could also make a measuring mat and use a pencil!

SEW: Now you just follow the instructions in the pattern! We recommend reading the pattern all the way through before beginning. We know you're going to love our step-by-step photos and clear instructions!

That's all you need to know to get started with our PDF patterns!

If you are completely new to sewing, you will be sure to enjoy our Sewing 101 Series for beginners! We cover topics from what supplies you really need, to threading your machine, to actually starting to sew. It's a great resource, especially if you are teaching yourself to sew! 

Here is a recap of the links above, along with a few more references that may be helpful to you down the road: 

If you ever have any questions on any of these steps, please ask in our CKC Patterns Group on Facebook or by emailing! We are always happy to help. We would also love to see your finished creations, so please come share with us when you're done!

Note: There's one last thing we want to mention. We are often asked if it is okay to sell items that were made using our patterns.  For small-scale, home-based boutiques the answer is YES!  We are happy to have you use our patterns for your boutique outfits. Just be sure to follow these guidelines if you choose to use our stock photos.  

~ Create Kids Couture ~

PS -- Here's a little video we put together to help you get started!