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Monday, December 10, 2018

🎁 12 Days of Christmas 🎄 Day 6 Ribbon Tree Ornament

🎶 On the 6th Day of Christmas CKC gave to,
A ribbon ornament for my Christmas Tree! 🎶

Lynndi is bringing us another really amazing craft for our 12 Days of Christmas!  This Christmas Tree ornament made of ribbon and a cinnamon stick will be a fun project for all ages and is sure to add to your holiday experience. Let's jump in with Lynndi! 

Here is a craft for all levels of crafters! You can use scraps from your craft and fabric supplies to make these or you can go take a trip to your favorite craft supply store to gather supplies for these cute Christmas trees!

First you will need: Ribbon (I used wire edged here), scissors, twine, cinnamon sticks (or twigs from the yard), and a glue gun.

To start, you will measure 7 inch pieces of ribbon and cut. For my ornament, I used 6 pieces of ribbon, but depending on how wide or narrow your ribbon or fabric strips are, depends on how many you will need to fill the space on the stick to create your tree

 *Note: If you are using fabric strips for your ornament, you might want to spray starch and press them to make them stiff so your ornament will look like a Christmas tree.

Now you can cut the piece of twine that will be used to hang your ornament.

Take one of the pieces of ribbon and begin tying them to your stick. I like to center the stick on top of the ribbon and take both ends of the ribbon and make a single knot. Make sure that both ends of the ribbon are the same size…this takes some tugging and pulling to make them even on both sides

Keep repeating this step until you have the desired look for your Christmas tree. For this tree I used 6 pieces of ribbon.

Now you are ready to trim your tree! Trim the edges at an angle to shape the tree, tapering up to create the triangular shape of a Christmas tree. 

Plug in your glue gun and find the 7 inch piece of string or twine you cut. Once your glue gun is ready, get your tree and turn it facing down on a flat surface. Make sure you are working on a covered surface, because the glue gun might get messy. Squeeze one drop of hot glue on the stick (I estimated about ½ an inch from the top of the stick) and place the end of the twine on the hot glue. 

 Wrap the twine around the stick and catch the hot glue again and let this set.

Once that is set, put one more drop of hot glue over the wrapped twine and carefully place the other end of twine here. This will be the loop you will use to hang your ornament.

You are now finished! This is ready to hang on your Christmas tree or would also work as a cute gift tag for your neighbor!

 I hope you enjoy this craft! Have a very Merry Christmas, Lynndi 


  1. My 2 year old is going to love this!

  2. These look so easy! I'll be making some very soon! ❤

  3. My toddler is gonna love helping me make some of these!

  4. How cute and rustic are these! I adore them

  5. So cute and quick!! So cute and quick!

  6. This looks so easy. My daughter will love it

  7. My daughter is always asking for fun crafts to do. Thanks!

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  9. Such a fun idea to make with all the left over scrap fabric.

  10. So clever! I love how you can use ribbon or fabric scraps 😍😍😍😍

  11. I love these. I need to use up the rest of my buffalo plaid

  12. These are cute! Maybe my kindergartener would love making some for his teachers.

  13. That would look so cute on our tree. It's the perfect blend of old and new styles. Would bring it all together.

  14. So cute and a great project to do with the littles!

  15. These ribbon trees are so cute! Your explicit directions are easy to follow! Great craft for the season!

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