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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Shark Week Table Runner

As you probably know, it's Shark Week and we're having way too much fun with it here at CKC!  We have some fun tutorials to help you celebrate in style. Today's project is totally amazing and brought to us by Summer Waters at Summer Fox Boutique:   

Is that not the coolest table runner ever?!  Summer has shared her secrets with all of us and I can't wait to show you how it's done! 

First of all, you will want the Quibbler's Quilt-As-You-Go Table Runner pattern (click here). It's great even for beginners and you will love the stripwork and curve details for not only this project, but also others in your future.  

Then of course you will also want the detail pieces!  To get the shark pieces, simply download and print our free template by clicking here.  

You probably noticed those adorable little umbrellas too.  For those, she used a piece of ribbon for the "poles" and then free handed the umbrella shape. 

Once you have all your stuff, go ahead and sew the main Quibbler's Table Runner according to pattern instructions.  After you have it sewn, then you're ready to add the shark and umbrella details. (You can do the binding either before or after the sharks; it's up to you.) 

First, cut out however many sharks you want from the fabric.  Apply Heat n Bond to the back side of each and iron them onto the table runner in a random "swimmy" pattern. You're welcome to use our first photo above as your guide for placement! 

 With all the pieces ironed on, you're ready to take it to your machine to stitch around the edges of the pieces to make them sturdy for laundering etc.  You can use your favorite stitch around the edges, and I love the one that Summer used.  This is a blanket stitch, with the widths and lengths lowered. 

Summer also suggests using a thread color that matches the background fabric rather than the applique.  I think she's right; it looks great! 

Go ahead and repeat the stitching for your remaining shapes.  Be sure to pivot at the corners with the needle down each time, so you can get neat points on your pieces. 

Do the same with the umbrellas. Now you're all set! 

A huge thank you to Summer Waters for showing us this creative idea and applique technique! She's super talented and I hope you go show her some love over at Summer Fox Boutique

Also, I hope you will come post photos of your finished Shark Week table runners in our patterns group on Facebook so we can ooh and aah over them too! That's my favorite part of posting these free tutorials.

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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