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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Little Red Hen's Bonnet and Dress

We have a special treat today for all you hen lovers out there!  Introducing: Little Red Hen's Bonnet and Dress! 

Isn't it amazing?!  Our designer Tosha put this free pattern together for you, at the request of our fabulous customers. Her model willingly obliged and we know your hens are going to love it too!  It's true that hens may not *need* clothes.  Or then again, maybe they do!  (I've never really asked one for her opinion, have you? This may be her dream come true!) 

Plus, that's just about the cutest little flat lay I've ever seen...  

So let's get started! 

First, you'll cut two 6.5” circles for your bonnet itself. You can just find a bowl or something round that’s as close to 6.5” across as possible. 

Then cut out two bodice pieces using the printed pattern piece (click here to download)

Use a ruler and/or cutting mat to cut the following pieces: 

Bonnet Ties: Cut 2 ties, 1.25” x 12.5” each 
Bonnet Elastic: Cut 1 of 1/4" elastic, 8" long

Bodice Straps: Cut 2 straps, 2” x 42” each
Skirt Ruffle: Cut 1 ruffle, 2” x 42”
Skirt: Cut 1 skirt, 6" x 30"
Skirt Band: Cut 1 band, 4" x 30"

Here is what your pile of pieces should look like for both the dress and bonnet. 

Let's get begin construction of the bonnet first: 

Take your bonnet ties and fold them just like you would when creating bias tape: First, in half with wrong sides facing. 

Then open the fold, and fold the long edges in towards the center as shown above, and press. 

Next, fold the tie in half again so that the raw edges are not visible. 
At one end, open the fold and then fold that raw edge in .5”. Sew along both ties to secure the folds. 

Pin your ties directly across from one another on the right side of one bonnet piece, with their raw edges matching and the ties pointing inward. Then place your other bonnet piece on top, right sides together. Sew 3/8” away from the raw edge all the way around the bonnet, making sure to sew over the ties to secure them and MAKING SURE you leave a 1” opening to turn your bonnet right side out.

Turn your bonnet right side out and press. Next, find a 4” circle (probably a cup this time) and place it in the center of your bonnet. Trace this circle onto your bonnet. Then repeat this with a 3” circle INSIDE of the 4” circle, as shown above.

Sew along the 3” inner circle completely. Next sew along the 4” outer circle but leave a 1” opening near the other 1” opening.

Thread the elastic through the casing you’ve created, using a safety pin at one end of your elastic.

Once you’ve threaded your elastic through and you have both ends of the elastic exposed, you can overlap them by 1/2” and sew them together. Make sure your elastic is not twisted!

Now you can close the casing hole and then topstich the edge of the bonnet 1/8” from the seam, like shown. Your bonnet is now complete!  

Okay, it's dress time!

Take your skirt band and fold it in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing.

Next, pin your skirt band to your skirt with right sides together. Sew in place using 3/8" seam allowance.

Fold the band down and topstitch 1/8" above the seam, being sure to catch the seam allowance underneath. 

Next, fold each side of the skirt to the wrong side 1/2” as shown above, and press. 

Fold the sides 1/2” again and press. Now sew along both sides near the folds. 

Next, take your ruffle and finish all four edges. You can do this by hemming or simply serging!

Sew a gathering stitch down the center of your ruffle by setting your stitch length to the longest setting possible. Make sure you do not backstitch at the beginning or end. Pull your threads and gather the ruffle to the width of your skirt.

Pin the wrong side of the ruffle the right side of the skirt just above the band seam, and sew in place by stitching down the center.

Next, you’ll gather the top of the skirt by sewing a gathering stitch, just as you did with the ruffle.

Gather the skirt until it is about the width of the bodice pieces. Set aside. 

Moving on to the bodice! Fold your straps in the same manner you did the bonnet ties earlier.

After sewing them closed, cut 2” off the raw end of each tie (not the end that you folded over). These 2 small pieces will be the loops to tie the straps.

Lay the main bodice flat. Measure up 1” from the bottom on each side of the bodice, fold your “loop” in half and pin it at the 1” mark, like shown.

Next, you’ll pin your straps at the top of the bodice on each side, as shown above.

Place your bodice lining on top with right sides facing. Sew around the sides and top of bodice making sure to leave the bottom open. Clip corners.

Turn the bodice right side out and topstitch.

Gather the skirt to the width of the bodice and pin the two together with right sides facing like shown. Sew in place using a 3/8" seam allowance.

Fold the skirt down. Topstitch the bodice 1/8” up from the seam, being sure to catch the seam allowance underneath.

Your chicken dress and bonnet are now complete!!!

Now the fun begins!  Go dress up that hen!  Please also come share your finished photos with us in our patterns group on Facebook.  We can't wait to see your delightful hen bonnet and dress!

Let's Create! ~ Kristen


  1. This is SO CUTE! I've been wanting to get hens, now I want them even more!

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  3. WOW! This is wonderful. i like your work. Thank you