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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink - Season 4 - CKC Goes Comfy

Welcome to Day 3 of Boys Can Wear Pink on the CKC Blog!  Today we're taking "pink" to one of our favorite genres: Comfy!   That's right, our boys deserve to be comfy too, right?  Today's pieces are all about having fun and looking great while doing it. 

This little tyke's outfit was made by Kristin Bedell-Hustedt over at Kidcycle Co. She makes super cute and trendy kids' gear, and I just love what she did with today's theme!

Kristin started with some boyish pink camo knit and made these awesome joggers using our Isaac's pattern.  They look so comfy that I think I could use a pair myself! 

Then she took it one step further and made a coordinating graphic tee.  Could it be any more perfect for our blog tour this week?!  "Colors Don't Have Genders."  Right, she is! 

It came together so perfectly, too!

I think the look on this little guy's face proves that the pink outfit passes the comfort test!  He can run and play and climb all over with no worries at all. 

And trust us, he did!   Little kids are the BEST.

We hope you enjoyed these fun photos and that you are inspired by them to sew up something comfy and pink for your boy!  If you're not in the sewing mood, you could also stop by Kristin's shop on Etsy and see what other cool looks she has for your kiddo. Tomorrow we will be back with our Hipster day of Boys Can Wear Pink!  

Also, be sure to check out the other fabulous stops on today's tour:

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