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Thursday, December 7, 2017

5th Day of Christmas: Unicorn Pencil Pouch

It's the Fifth Day of Christmas at CKC, and that means another FREE pattern for you!  This one makes a perfect gift for the kids or even just a fun project to keep them busy while they wait for the big day to come. Stephanie is the designer who put this project together and I think you're going to love it.  Here she is! 

Hey there! Stephanie Baker here with a magical little freebie for you! I realize this is the 12 Days of Christmas series, but what’s Christmas without a unicorn!? Today I’ve got a fun little pencil pouch for you:


Let's get started!
The first step is to gather all of our supplies. For this, we just need felt and a zipper (any length will work; you can shorten it as needed). I prefer the stiffer felt for the main unicorn head pieces.  You will also need to download and print the CKC Unicorn Pencil Pouch Pieces (click here.) 

Next, we are going to cut out all the pieces, according to the notes on the pieces. The main piece, the ears and the horn all need to be mirrored to each other, to do so, lay the felt pieces together with the right sides together. Place the pattern piece on top, trace or pin and cut.

This is what it looks like when we have all the pieces cut.

On ONE of the main pieces, trace the rectangle onto the piece.

Cut out the rectangle, as shown.

Place the zipper face up, under the main piece, centering it in the opening we just cut. Sew around the opening to secure the zipper.  

If you are using a lace zipper like mine, you will place it over the top of the opening, pin in place and sew. Be sure to turn the edges under before sewing.

Now that our zipper is sewn to the back piece, that the other main piece and begin to lay the Mane pieces on top. Pin and place and sew as indicated in yellow.

Once the mane pieces are attached, your pieces should look similar to the picture above.

Sew the horn piece together, you can even add some diagonal lines to give it a little more detail.

Pin the ears and horn in place, sandwiched between both the front and back pieces. Sew as indicated in yellow, using a 1/4” seam allowance.  

The pouch is now done, but we can add embellishments if you decide to.

To do so, cut out 2 of the large flowers and 4 of the small flower pieces. This part is easy, are you ready? We are going to hot glue (or fabric glue) two of each flower together, turning them slightly to add dimension.

Using the glue of your choice (hot or fabric), attach the eye and nostril pieces.

You can add some buttons or rhinestones to the center on the flowers you add more depth and details. Here is our finished pouch.

And one of the back.

We hope you and your little ones will love this project as much as we do!  When you have your pencil pouch complete, please come share your photo in our patterns group on Facebook. We would love to see!  Also stay tuned for another free project tomorrow.

Let's Create! ~ Kristen  


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