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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How to Make Adorabella's with a Store Bought Tee

You're in for a treat today, as we welcome our fabulous tester Jamie Duke to share a tutorial she made just for our new Adorabella's pattern! I will save the rest of the details for Jamie to tell you herself, so here she is! 

Are you like me and usually steer clear from the knit patterns because it just makes you a bit anxious even thinking about working with THAT material? CKC does have some amazing knit patterns that are truly written for beginners in many cases, but I just have a hard time building the courage to even begin working with knit. Not that we can’t, it’s just a little more intimidating to sew. 

Maybe knit isn’t your fear, but you just need a cute outfit by tomorrow because you completely forgot about picture day. We all have those moments where we need to produce an outfit in a race against time. Well this tutorial is a simple hack in making Adorabella’s Boutique Style outfit by using a store bought t-shirt. This will be a quick, step-by-step instructional guide (and minimal sewing with knit material) to sew up an “Adorabella” outfit! 

Don’t forget to post your pictures to CKC fan Facebook page and #ckcadorabellas with your unique creations. We can’t wait to see what you sew!

Before you begin, you will need to grab a copy of Adorabella’s here. Be sure to read through the pattern thoroughly to determine materials and notions required, minus the knit bodice and sleeves. You will also need a store bought shirt in the size you are sewing. For my model, I bought a size 5 long sleeve to make the tunic version with ruffle pants. You can choose a short sleeve shirt if that is your preference. (For the quickest version, choose the dress with band options and no ruffles on the sleeves. Or you can choose the tunic option with band and bottom ruffle only on pants.) In this tutorial, we will not be adding the ruffle to the neckline or making the top crossover as written in the pattern.

**Prewash your knit shirt to account for shrinkage before you begin cutting and sewing!!

To start, cut out all your pieces as noted in the pattern. Then, print off the back bodice pieces to use as a guide for your store bought t-shirt. Fold your shirt in half, and be sure to carefully line up the shoulder seams, sleeves, and hem line at the bottom of the shirt. Line up the shoulder seams with the back bodice piece as pictured. Pin in place, and cut along the bottom of the shirt. 

If you have decided to add the ruffles to the sleeves, pin the sleeves together while the shirt is still folded and cut 1.5 inches off the sleeves. If you do not wish to add a ruffle, leave the sleeves as is and continue below. 

Now this is what your shirt should look like.

*When you begin sewing, be sure to sew a stretch stitch as noted in the pattern.

If you are adding ruffles to the sleeves, go ahead and prepare both ruffle pieces with as noted in pattern, and fold over with right sides together. Sew down both sides, and serge or zig-zag seams.

Sew a gathering stitch at the top of ruffle, and gather to the width of sleeve. 

Pin the ruffle piece around the sleeve with right sides together. Be sure to line up the seam of the shirt to the seam of the ruffle. Repeat with other sleeve. 

Now your sleeves should look like this!

Continue with the instructions in the pattern to complete your “Adorabella” outfit. 

Now that you are finished, admire your creation and don’t forget to share with us so we can, too! 

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