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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Modified Briar's: Bodice Ruffle and Crop Top

Today we’ve got a special guest, Serena Garciadiaz with Serena Garcia Photography. You may have seen her work before, and she is the one that captured the fabulous unicorn photos that inspired #CKCUnicornWeek!! She happened to test Briar’s and then just kept on making them, adding her own spin to it each one. She’s here to share how she did it all! Without further ado, here is Serena.

Who is as excited as me for Briar’s pattern release? We LOVE Briar's and all it has to offer. This is the perfect dress for a wedding, flower girl dress, costuming, ball gown, and we loved it for our unicorn photoshoot!

The pattern comes with many different options, a top, dress, maxi, and romper! It’s the perfect pattern to add all those pretty ribbons and trims, mix/match fabric, and the list can go on and on.

I like to shake things up a bit, so I modified to create what was in my head and what came out was so stunning! My first modification was our unicorn dress, this dress has a ruffle trim on the bodice rather than a lace trim. I also did a single floor length skirt, this made it feel more like a ball gown; my little couldn’t stop spinning around and around.

Ruffle Trim Tutorial: 

1.My ruffle pieces were double the length of the triangle piece. Width of ruffle = 2”

Side of triangle + Side of triangle = Length Length x 2 = length of Ruffle

(For this size 5 bodice my ruffle pieces were each 2”x26”) 

2. Fold ruffle in half, iron to crease. 

3. Gather the ruffle piece (keep it folded). 

4. Spread gathers out to fit the triangle piece. Do this for both sides.

5. Sandwich in ruffle piece between the bodice piece and bodice lining, don’t forget the strap. 

6. Sew together, follow pattern for this.

My second modification piece was this top for a belly dancer costume! This pattern was begging to be made into a crop top and it worked out perfectly! We enjoy the Renaissance Faire yearly as a family and of course we have to dress up. My daughter wanted to be a belly dancer this year and Briar’s didn’t disappoint! 

Crop Top Tutorial: 

1.Since I didn’t do any trims for the triangle pieces I spread them out about ½” more than what the pattern states, we needed a little more coverage. 

2.The band piece was doubled in width to cover the belly a little more but truly you could do this whatever length you wanted! Do the same for the back piece. 

3.I did 3 rows of elastic for the back bodice piece. Lay them Right Sides together, sew top and bottom. Flip out and iron. 

4.Sew in your elastic casings on top and bottom, then add in another in the middle. Set aside. 

5.Construct the front per the pattern, but when you get to the trim piece at the bottom you’ll need to iron the hemline for both the front and lining. Sandwich in the trim, careful to make sure the front and lining match up. Sew a 1/8” line to catch all pieces. 

6.Place back and front bodice pieces Right Sides together, sew up sides.

Well that’s it for today! Join us again tomorrow for some more unicorn fun! By the way, did you see that fabulous Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride fabric provided by Vintage Lace? The retail round opened yesterday and it’s selling fast!!!

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