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Friday, February 17, 2017

CKC Designer Sewing Swap

We have a fun team of designers here at CKC Patterns and something we love to share with you is our diverse set of styles and personalities. It may seem like there are a zillion of us working here, but when it comes down to it, we are simply a small group of hard-working mamas who love to design and teach new techniques!  But we don't just design patterns to sell.  We also *use* them on a daily basis for our own families.  We thought it might be fun to show you an inside look at some of our style-swapping shenanigans with our first ever Designer Sewing Swap here on the blog!

We began our designer swap by employing this scientific method of drawing-names-out-of-a-cup.  We're just all fancy like that!  So we divided up in to pairs, and then each pair did a little design swap.  For example, my partner is Brooklyn, so I chose one of her designs to sew up and then she chose one of my designs to sew up.  Easy peasy and so much fun! 

In the time frame we set out, some of us were able to get great photos while others did a cell shot or flat lay. We're all cool with that!  Also, some of us chose to swap designs that have not released yet so you may see some sneak peaks and you may need to wait to see some until a little bit later. No worries. With all that said, here are [most of] the resulting outfits from our 2017 Designer Sewing Swap!

(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)

That's all for this round of our designer sewing swap!  So much cuteness, right?!  Can you figure out who made whose pattern?  

I am already excited for when we do this again sometime!  If you have any questions and/or suggestions for us in our future designer swaps, feel free to post in our patterns group on FB or send us an email anytime!

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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