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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Reversible Stripwork Table Runner

If you're starting to decorate for the holidays, we have a perfect project to dress up your table.  You don't even have to decide which holiday to work on right now -- this pattern is reversible so you can create for two at the same time!

Amazing, right?!  Melissa put this pattern together for you and it turned out fabulous! I'm always a sucker for stripwork (so much to see!), I love that it's reversible, and the pattern even shows how to mark and machine quilt it if you want! Here's Melissa:

4-7 fat quarters for each side*
1/4- 1/3 yard for binding*
Batting to fit your selected table runner size

*Amount of fabric is based on the size you choose for your table runner. Measure the desired finished size of your runner based on your table. 

Use the following math to determine how many strips you will cut:
desired finished length ÷ 2” = total number of strips needed
Number of strips needed ÷ Number of coordinating fabrics = Number of strips per fabric

For example, my desired finished length was 44”.
 I used 4 coordinating fabrics for the Thanksgiving side and 6 for the Christmas side.
38” ÷ 2= 19 total strips needed
19 ÷ 4= 4.75 (I cut 3 coordinating fabrics 5 times and 1 fabric 4 times)
19 ÷ 6= 3.16 (I cut 4 coordinating fabrics 4 times and 2 fabrics 3 times)

Cutting Out the Fabric

Cut your fabric into 2.75” strips (finished strips will be 2”) by desired width (I used 12”)

Cut your binding in 2.75” strips (Click here for instructions on calculating binding.)

Note: 3/8” seam allowance included

After cutting out your fabric you should have a pile similar to the picture below.

Next lay out your fabrics in the order of your choice.


Step 1: Take the first two strips and lay them right sides together. Sew down the long edge using 3/8” seam allowance. Repeat with remaining strips.

Step 2: Iron all seams in the same direction.

After sewing all of your strips together it should look similar to the picture below.

Step 3: Lay one side of your runner on top of batting. Cut the batting to the same size as runner.

Step 4: Lay the batting in-between the two runners. If desired, you may use some basting spray to hold the together.

Step 5: Quilt the table runner as desired. I choose to do a diagonal pattern. See photos below. For more tips on finishing the runner click here:

To do a diagonal pattern as I did, turn your ruler at a 45-degree angle and mark your fabric with chalk or water soluble pen. I moved the ruler every 2 inches. I did this in each direction to make a diagonal pattern.

Next, pin the table runner with safety pins to secure all layers. Sew directly on the marked lines.

Step 6: Square your runner if needed. 

Step 7: Attach Binding

Use the follow link for instructions on binding:

Your table runner is now complete!

All that's left to do is lay it on your table and add some pretty accent pieces. When you're ready for the next holiday, flip it over and repeat.  

Thanks to Melissa for this great tutorial.  Now it's your turn!  We can't wait to see how your projects turn out, so please come share your photos with us in our patterns group. We love seeing what you make. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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  1. thanks so. much for this I am so getting ready for holidays!!!!!!!!