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Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 11: Thread Art Pumpkin

It's Day 11 and we have another FREE decorating project for you! This one is from Tiffany A. and it's totally fun! 

How cool is that?!  These thread art decorations are a pretty big deal right now, partly because they look awesome and partly because they're so fun to make.  It won't require your sewing machine at all, but you do get to use thread... and a hammer!

Our free tutorial today is a downloadable PDF and it will show you everything you need to complete the project from beginning to end, including the printable template for this super Autumn-y looking pumpkin! 

I just love how the details look up close! I made a maple leaf string board a few weeks ago and I still love staring at it.  This pumpkin one from Tiffany is even bigger, therefore even cooler!   Are you ready to learn?!

You'll be making your own thread art in no time! I found that the pounding of the hammer was even a little therapeutic.  Have some fun with it and please come show us when you're done!

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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