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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go! Costume Contest

Are you in on the "Pokemon Go" craze?!  I'm not talking about the card game (which we love) or the TV show (which my kids still watch).  No, this is about the new Pokemon Go game app that has gone viral. I love that it gets people out of the house and moving and having a good time!  And while our friend/spouses/kids/selves are doing that, how about we also turn it into a fun sewing contest?

  Yes!  Our contest has two categories: Pokemon Costumes and Pokemon Outfits. Here are the rules!


1. Make it:

Use at least one CKC sewing pattern to create a character costume related to Pokemon. It can be a trainer, a pokemon, or whatever you want!


Use at least one CKC sewing pattern and Pokemon fabric to make a super cute outfit for your kiddo. A dress, skirt, shorts, jacket, anything.  If we can tell it's inspired by Pokemon then it qualifies!

2. Photograph it: Take a photo of your kiddo or yourself wearing the outfit. Creativity counts.

3. Send it:  Email your photo to us, and be sure to tell us which CKC pattern(s) you used and the name of your character if applicable. Here's the address to use: Entries must be received by August 1, 2016 at 11:59 pm est.

4: (Optional) Share it: Show off your creation in our patterns group and anywhere else you please!


And don't forget to have fun!  That's the whole point, right?  Yes, we will have prizes too so don't be afraid to go all out with this contest.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!  My son was Ash, Pikachu's trainer, for Halloween last year.  I used Christopher's cap for the hat and Porter's shirt for the jacket. And of course I stayed up in the wee hours of the night painting his Pokeball.  It turned out super fun!

For Pikachu itself, Nikki made her son this awesome set using Winnie's top and Taylor's bottoms. She added the ears and even a super cool tail in back.  

Other patterns you might want to consider for different animal costumes are Winter's, Josh's, Baby David's for the littles, and really there are lots of other options!  You could always do a search for costumes in our patterns group and see what other customers have made using CKC! There was an incredible Charizard one by Jenny Kyle, oh my! Do a search for it and you'll see!

Photo courtesy of Raquel Guerra-Olivares
Look at this cute Brewster's skirt using Pokemon fabric! It would be perfect modeled for the Pokemon Outfit category.  Does that get your wheels spinning a little? 

Now you're ready to go have some fun with the contest, and even play a little Pokemon Go if you want!  I'm a personal fan of Joni Turner's trainer profile she showed us: 

You can't go wrong with that! I wish I had thought of it first! (You win, Joni.) <3 

And then there's my profile. I just got started yesterday and it appears as if there's not much Pokemon action going on around my house. Hmm.  I may need to get out a bit!

Anyway, good luck with your CKC Pokemon creations!  We can't wait to see them. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen  

ps - My favorite Pokemon is Pangoro. In case you wanted to know, wink wink.