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Saturday, June 11, 2016

It's Crop Season!

It's crop season at Create Kids Couture- crop top season, that is! We recently held a contest in our Facebook fan group, and our testers and fans really went above and beyond with their creativity. I am so happy to get to share some with you today- as well as some tricks and tips so you can start cropping on your own!

First option- Crop and Hem




Here are some adorable samples from Lauren Steinfels (The Nap Sack), Jamie Van Haaren (Little Miss Mulberry & the Dragon), Teresa M Pomerantz (Teresa Maureen Photography), Pinky Saunders (Sew Pinky), and Audra Dean (Pigtails and Sandcastles). This technique works great for more fitted patterns- knits, ones that button, or even those with elastic in the back.

  • Patterns with a finished bodice- For Joslynn (the last two pictures) you just need to make the bodice as directed. And you are done! You just simply don't add the skirt. 
  • Patterns that feature a lined bodice- For Poppy (the Doc McStuffins fabric), make the bodice as directed (Jamie left off the back bodice piece). Then simply turn the edges in toward the middle about 1/2" and sew. Now you have a finished bodice! Please note- if your pattern uses elastic in the back, you will need to cut at least an inch longer than the bottom of the elastic casing for hemming purposes. If the lined bodice goes all the way around, like the Betty pictured in red and white, you can turn the edges in OR you can choose to roll hem, regular hem, etc. 
  • Patterns that feature an unlined bodice- For this type of pattern, you simply cut the bodice out, create as directed. When it comes time to add the skirt, you will instead just hem the bottom of the bodice- you can roll hem, do a double fold and sew, etc. 
  • Patterns with no definitive bodice- In the first picture Lauren used our Kimber pattern. That pattern does have a separate bodice and skirt, but instead of cutting the bodice the given length, Lauren just decided how short she wanted the bodice to be and cut there! You don't have to finish knits, but if you choose to, just cut about 1/2" longer to account for the hem. 

Are you unsure of how long you want your crop to be? We have a  FREE crop top pattern- you can copy the length from there! Here is Carrie.

Second Option- Crop and Add Embellishments



I simply LOVE these embellished crops by Kristina Thornton (Crash Baby Boutique), Rebekah Survance (Bekahz Creationz), Courtney Lavaty, Kristi Robinson (Lynnzie's Lovely Boutique), and Nicole Remig (Bella Phia Boutique).

This technique is very similar to Crop and Hem, except you will be adding an embellishment. Cut your bodice the preferred length and then make according to the directions, until it is time to add the skirt.

  • If you are adding a ruffle, you will want to measure the width of the bottom of the bodice. Multiply that number by two and you will get your ruffle width! The length is up to you. Sew the ruffle into a loop, finish the bottom of the ruffle, and gather along the top. If you want to encase the seam, which you can only do to a lined bodice, sew the ruffle onto the outside bodice with right sides together (match the top of the ruffle with the bottom of the bodice). Press the ruffle down. Now you will fold the liner up 3/8" so that the edges are also inside the bodice. It should now be the same length as the outside of the bodice. Sew all the way around 1/8" up from the bottom of the bodice catching both the outside bodice and liner. You're done!

          If you don't have a lined bodice, you will sew the ruffle onto the bodice with right sides                       together (match the top of the ruffle with the bottom of the bodice). Press the ruffle down and             sew 1/8" up from the bottom of the bodice. You are done!
  • If you are using pompom trim, fringe, or something else you don't gather, take the bodice width and add .75" for seam allowance if cutting the embellishment in one piece. Sew the embellishment into a loop. Follow the directions in the Crop and Hem section to finish the edges of the bodice. Now simply decide if you want to sew your embellishment on the outside or inside of the bodice, and sew on!

Third Option- Crop and Add Elastic


This method is a great way to make a looser fitted pattern into a snug crop top!

Viki Sammons Muncy made a super cute Whitney as a crop top! For this version you can line up the arm holes with those from Carrie, cut the bodice the same length as Carrie, and then follow the Carrie directions for adding elastic and hemming! Easy breezy!

Tiff Coleman (Adorabella's Boutique) made an Adelaide with elastic under the bodice. For this version you cut the Adelaide pattern as normal. Then decide how long you want the casing to be, double it (since it will be folded in half) and add .75" for seam allowance. Make it the same width as the bottom of the bodice. Sew it into a loop. Then fold it in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Tiff sewed all around 1/2" up from the fold line, to make part of the casing and a little bottom ruffle. Now sew your casing and your bodice together, right sides together, lining up the bottom of the bodice with the two raw edges of the casing. Sew all around, leaving a 1" gap to insert the elastic. You can use your child's measurements to gauge the length of elastic. Thread the elastic as normal. Then you can sew your 1" opening closed and topstitch.

Finally, Lauren Steinfels (The Nap Sack) made this Maggie and added a strip of elastic in the back! Simply make the Maggie bodice as necessary, hem as described in the Crop and Hem section. Then measure your girl; with that number you will subtract the width of the bodice where you will not have elastic. The answer gives you how long to cut the elastic for a snug fit. Cut the elastic and zig zag on to the back!

I hope these awesome ladies were able to give you some great ideas! We just love seeing what you can do with our patterns. Please let your imagination soar, and don't forget to post in the group so we can all ohhhh and ahhhh!

Happy cropping!

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