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Friday, January 8, 2016

Tie-on Glitz Collars

A few weeks ago in our patterns group, I saw some adorable glitz collars made by a CKC fan using the collar piece from Karlene's shrug. They are so pretty. I asked her if she would be willing to share her techniques with us here on the blog, and I'm super excited she said yes!  So today we have the talented Lisa Kellerman of  Lil Pink Punkin Couture, ready to teach us how to make these super cute glitz collars.  Here's Lisa! 

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be here this week to show you how to make an inspired Glitz Collar accessory. This pattern is fun and easy. You will want to make tons of these. There’s so many options. Let’s get started!

We will be using Karlene’s Shrug pattern

Print the collar pattern piece in the size you need. I’m using size 4.

Gather your supplies. For this tutorial you will need fabric for the top and bottom of the collar, satin ribbon, lightweight fusible interfacing, matching polyester thread, pins or clips, and scissors. Optional: Freezer paper and a marker.

If you want to use freezer paper to help with cutting, trace the collar pattern onto your freezer paper, shiny side down, and cut it out.

Next, iron your pattern piece (no steam, shiny side down) onto the folded fabric. 

Cut out the fabric around the pattern piece. Peel it off when done. Iron it to your next piece of folded fabric and cut out. If you're using sequin fabric, be sure to keep iron on low warm, no steam, and iron the pattern piece to the wrong side of the fabric.

 Or you can also use clips or pins in place of the freezer paper.

Use the same pattern piece to cut out your interfacing. 

You will now have 3 collar pieces: 1 front, 1 back, 1 interfacing. 

 Using a warm setting and no steam, iron your interfacing (bumpy side down) to the wrong side of your sequin fabric collar piece.

Now you will cut 2 pieces of satin ribbon for your collar ties. Cut two 14" inch pieces. (For larger sizes you may want slightly longer.) 

Using a lighter or small candle, heat seal your ribbon ends so they don’t fray. 

Fold up your ribbon pieces and secure them with a clip. Line up the end of the ribbon flush with the raw edge of the collar ¼" down from the top of the collar. Secure the end in place with 1/8" basting stitch to the right side of the top fabric. 

You can now place your bottom fabric on top of your sequin fabric with right sides together. Clip in place leaving a 3" opening on the inside back of the collar for turning. 

Sew around the collar using 1/4" seam allowance. Sew slowly and carefully around all the curves, easing the fabric and lifting your presser foot as needed. Be sure to tack your stitches and the beginning and end. 

Now you will need to clip off both corners, and clip around all of your collar’s curves. 

Then turn right side out through the opening, by gently pulling the ribbon on each side. Carefully poke out the corners using a chopstick. 

Press with iron after turning.

Turn raw opening edges inside 1/4" and clip to hold. Top stitch the opening closed with a scant 1/8 inch seam allowance. Continue around the entire collar, being sure to not catch the ribbon in your stitches. 

You have now finished your Glitz collar! Pair it with a cute top or a pretty dress and you’ve got an adorable accessory! Try different fabrics for new looks! The sky's the limit!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Please share your creations on the Create Kids Couture Pattern Group with hashtag #Glitzcollar !

Remember, you can purchase the Karlene's pattern and so many others here:

Thank you for having me, CKC! 


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