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Friday, November 20, 2015

Pillowcase Lounging Bed

The holidays are coming up and I always try to think of gifts that will have a handmade touch but not take too much time to make. After all, there is more than just one person on my list!  Today's project is super quick but makes a big WOW for those receiving it, especially if they are kiddos. 

Doesn't this look so comfy?!  Basically what we're going to do is take four standard pillowcases and sew them together to make one long "mattress". Then you can simply stuff four standard pillows into the openings and you're good to go! And what I love, love, love about this is that the pillows are easily removable so you can toss the cover in the washer when it needs freshening up. 

The lounging bed can lay out flat with four pillows long, which easily fits my 8-year-old on as a mattress for a sleepover. Or you can do what my 4-year-old is doing here and fold the fourth pillow underneath to prop it up and create the perfect comfy spot for watching TV!  

And of course you could add even more pillows for a taller adult version. I can see this being quite the luxury on family camping trips or group get-together's, when beds are limited.

I think we're all sold on it. Are you ready? Let's get started!  

I bought two 2-packs of standard pillowcases. This project came out to $10 total, plus the random pillows I found in our linen closet. Of course if you want to make your pillowcases from scratch using fun fabric, you can certainly do that too!  We have a free pattern for pillow cases, if you want to click here. We also have a pattern to make the pillow forms themselves (not free but very useful in lots of sizes!). 

Okay, so take the first pillowcase and lay it out flat with its opening on one side. I didn't bother to wash or iron mine, but you certainly can. I just made sure it was laying flat. 

Lay a second pillowcase on top of the first, making sure they both have their openings facing the same direction.  (Mine are to the left.) Pin the layers together all across the top folds. 

Sew the pinned edge using either a sturdy stitch, or two straight rows close together. I used a decorative stitch that is really durable. Sew about 1/2" from the edge, attaching the two pillowcases.  

Then take the third and fourth pillow cases and do the same to sew the two of them together. 

You should now have two sets of two sewn together. 

Now you're ready to sew the first two pillowcases to the second two. Pin two of them together along the top, and then sew using the same sturdy stitch.  Your seams should all be on the same side. 

When you're done, the "right side of your fabric will look something like the photo above. You are ready to stuff the pillows in!  It should be pretty easy to get them in, even after creating seams on the edges. 

Another way you could sew the pillowcases together and avoid having a "wrong" side with seams, is to overlap the edges, as shown above. Pin and sew the overlaps in place with a sturdy stitch.  I prefer creating seams though, because it's quicker and I think it allows more flexibility. It's entirely up to you which one you choose!  

Can you believe how easy that whole project was? Now you're all set to make somebody very happy! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen