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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Creating a New Look with Chantelle's Cardigan

Hey everyone!  I’m Nikki here, with a hack for the new Chantelle’s Cardigan pattern.  Today I am going to show you how to slightly alter the front pattern piece, then add a snap and some trim to make the cardigan with a completely new look!

Let's get started!

First we will take the front pattern piece and measure from the short cut line over the number of inches listed below for the size you are making on the top and the bottom and make a mark at each spot.

Kid’s 6-12 month – 2T 
Top- 2 Bottom – 4

Kids 3T – 6
Top- 4 Bottom - 6

Kids 7-8 and Tween 7/8 – 13/14
Top- 5 Bottom - 8

Tween 15/16  and women and plus sizes
Top-  6” Bottom – 10”

Now using a ruler or straight edge connect the 2 marks by drawing a line between them:

Fold the pattern piece at the line and pin to the back.  We now have the pattern piece we want for the front.

Now cut out the pattern pieces and make the cardigan following the pattern instructions. 
Once done, you can add your trim.  It goes down the right side edge ( on the edge where we drew the new line).  Just pin the trim on and top stitch it in place.

All that is left is adding your snap.  I placed one side of my snap at the top corner edge of the side I added the trim on, and the other at the inside shoulder just below the seam.  I suggest you put the cardigan on and mark where your snap will work best to get the right drape at the neckline.

Wasn’t that simple?  I love hacks to make patterns look different without having to change much, don’t you?   Please share yours with us in our patterngroup when you finish! 

And one more thing while I have you all here--  A lot are worried about the amount of fabric this pattern takes and I would like to give you a few tips on getting it out of a lot less fabric.  If you are making it all out of the same fabric you can combine the back bodice and sleeves and get them out of the biggest requirement of the 2, and then you will only need the front other than that piece.  Another tip is to check for jersey sheet sets.  Jersey bed sheets actually work out great for this cardigan and you can get an adult and a child size out of 1 sheet.   And finally, if you size up 1 size to accommodate for the bulk you can make this out of fleece, which is amazingly comfortable.  I can’t wait to see what all of you create! 

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