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Monday, October 12, 2015

Box Pleat Modification for Eleanor's Pattern

Did you get a chance to grab your copy of our new Eleanor's Pintuck Dress and Top pattern while it was on sale? There are so many adorable options included in the pattern!  And today on the blog we have the designer here with us to show yet another modification that you can do to your Eleanor's -- an adorable box pleat on the front bodice!  

Isn't it pretty?  Most of the steps are written right in the pattern so this tutorial will show you just the changes that you need to make.  First we will show you step-by-step photos, and then at the end we even have a video if you want to watch Susan do it herself! Here we go: 

 First of all, make sure you cut the front dress/top piece using the pleated cut line. 

 Then take that front piece and fold it in half width wise with right sides together, as shown below. 

Using a ruler and fabric pencil, draw a line 1.5” in from the folded edge. The length of the line you draw is personal preference, and we recommend between 1.5" and 3".  Double check that your line is 1.5” from the folded edge.  This must be exact in order for the box pleat to work properly.

 Pin around the line you drew, securing the layers. 

Now sew down the line you drew.

Open up the dress and align the original fold line with the line you just stitched. See photo above.

 Iron the box pleat so it is neat and crisp. 

 Stitch along the top of the pleat, 1/8” from top edge of the fabric, to ensure that the pleat will stay in place in future steps.

Now you are ready to continue on with Step 6 in the pattern, and sew the rest of the dress or top as instructed. That's it!

And now, as we promised, you can watch all these same steps as Susan performs them on video!

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That's all pretty straightforward now, right?  We can't wait to see your super cute Eleanor's using our tutorial today! Please share when you're done!

Let's Create! ~ Kristen and Susan


  1. Thank you for this awesome tutorial! I have always wondered how you could get such a clean crisp box pleat!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am IN LOVE with this pattern & my first project is going to be with the AnnaGriffin 'Arabesque' line that I hunted for over a year & have now HOARDED for over a year! 😜 I believe the Box-Pleat will be PERFECT for showcasing all the lovely pointe shoes ... 💜