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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Knit Scrapbuster Dance Skirt

We love coming up with fun new ways to use up our scraps. And it's even more exciting when our kids go ga-ga over them! Tosha from our active wear department has a knit scrapbuster for us today, and it's not hard to see that her little one LOVES it!  We even have a cute video of her strutting her stuff. Let's take a look at the quick and easy tutorial! 

Our measurements today will fit a 3-5 year old. If you want a larger or smaller size, it is really easy to adapt, so just read through the tutorial and you will see what you need to do. 

Cut one stretchy knit waistband that measures 7.5" x 50".
Cut approximately 40 knit "strings" that are 1" x 22" each. 

Fold the waistband in half widthwise, with right sides together, as shown above. Do not sew yet. 

On the long raw edges of the waistband, mark the center 2" with two pins, as shown above. 

Sew down both short sides of the waistband and along the bottom of the waistband, leaving a 2" opening in the center for turning.

Clip the corners. Turn the waistband right side out using the 2" opening.

Top stitch the entire waistband 1/4" away from edges.

Mark the center with a pin.

Measure your child's waist and then center that amount with the pin on the waistband. 

In our example, the waist measurement was 19" so the pin is at 9.5".

Along that length, mark every inch with a pin.

Our example used 20 pins.

Using fabric scissors, make a 1/4" slit at every pin. When cutting the slits, make sure they are at least 1/4" away from the topstitching and be very careful not to cut through the topstitching! 

Set the waistband aside.

Take your strings and gently pull on each one to give it the rolled look.

Take two of the strings and fold them in half, creating a loop at one end.

Slide the loop ends up through one slit.

Open the loop and pull the ends of your strings through.

  Pull snug and you're done with your first set of strings.

Continue adding strings (2 at a time) until you've reached the end of your slits.

Tie at the hip and you're done!

Here's the performance we promised you: 

Super cute, right?  Now you can go make some fun knit dance skirts for your own girl and use up those scraps! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen and Tosha

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