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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nap Mat Cover

If your little one has kindergarten or preschool coming up soon and will be using a nap mat, it's definitely time to start thinking about making a cute cover for it! Kelly Hodge from Simply Tutu is here to show us two different versions in her super easy tutorial. You can use all one fabric for a quick sew, or you can choose the fancy version using coordinating fabrics and extra embellishments. Either way, your little one will be delighted with his/her Mommy-made nap mat! We're ready to get started, so here's Kelly:

Kindergarten Nap Mat  Cover Tutorial
Suggested Fabrics- Fleece, woven cotton, flannel, and cuddle dot

Supplies Needed:
 Main fabric -1 3/8 yd
Coordinating fabric- 1/3 yd
19 inches of 1" wide velcro 
Scissors/Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Optional- buttons, snaps, and decorative trims

Cutting Charts (L xW):

Simple Version
Panels (cut 2)- 20.5 x 48
Velcro - 19 in

Fancy Version
Front Head Panel (cut 1) 20.5 x11 
Front Body Panel (cut 1) -20.5 x 37.5
Back Panel (cut 1)- 20.5 x 48
Velcro - 19 in

Step one: Cut all fabric according to the cutting chart. You will have a pile similar to this:

~~ If you are making the simple cover skip to Step Five. ~~

Step two:  Now is the time you will want to embellish the Head Panel for the Fancy Version of the nap mat. You may choose to use an embroidery design (like shown) or use a coordinating fabric for contrast.

Step three: Lay the top panel right side up and place head panel on top of it, right side down. Make sure your design or embroidery is facing upside down so it will lay correctly when opened.  Pin and serge/stitch the top panel and head panel together.

Step four: Open and top stitch the panel 1/8" from the seam.

Step five: Pin the top panel and bottom panel with right sides together. Serge/stitch the two long edges and the top edge.

Step six: We will now be hemming the bottom opening. Serge all around the opening and then fold up one inch. Pin and stitch into place. If you do not have a serger you can traditional hem by folding 1/4 inch, then folding 1 inch and stitching into place.

Step seven: Pin one side of the velcro strip to the inside of the top panel and the other side of the velcro to the outside hem of the bottom panel. Stitch into place.  You can also use decorative buttons or snaps during this step instead of velcro to add a little flair.

Step eight: Insert your Nap Mat into the wonderful new cover you just made! Congrats you made a custom cover in just eight simple steps!

Wasn't that fun? I want to make a bunch now and I don't even have a kindergartner this year!  We really appreciate Kelly for sharing this tutorial with us. Please go show her some love on her page!  And when you get your first nap mat cover made, we would love to see a photo of the finished product in our patterns group.

Let's Create! ~ Kristen  

You Can Find Kelly here:  
IG: @simplytutullc


  1. Great tutorial! Easy to follow directions and love the ballerina fabric!!