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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Making a Casual Version of Vera's

Hi. It's Cynthia! A few weeks ago CKC released the beautiful Vera’s. I fell in love the moment I saw it and couldn’t wait to get my hands on some chiffon. My modified top was so well-received in the group that Kristi asked me to make a blog post, and of course I’m super honored and thrilled to do so. So here goes!

My “casual” Vera’s modification has smaller chiffon pieces that hit at the thigh and there is also less chiffon on the top of the blouse. I hope you find this little tutorial to be a super easy twist on this amazing top.

All supplies listed in the pattern
Paper to make a pattern piece

Step 1 - Choose your version.
I made two tops and used different sizes for the chiffon so you can choose the one you prefer. I will show each version below:

Red Flowers Version- I used a smaller rectangle shape for the chiffon. To wear it you simply fold the edge of the chiffon under, when crossing it over your body. This creates a very slim and smooth look across the bust. You do need to make sure and wear a supportive belt, though, to hold the chiffon in place. My black belt has a nice wide elastic in the back. Because the chiffon is much shorter than the pattern, it might still shift a tad if you were to head out for a night of vigorous dancing at the club. Just glance in the mirror every once in a while and you’ll be golden!

Pink with Owls Version- I cut the top line of the chiffon pieces wider so that there’s more chiffon reaching across the body and down toward the belt. This will create a fuller look across your front, which may be nice if you want to enhance your bust. The bottom cut line is the same, though, so it still hits at the thigh.

Step 2 - Create your Pattern Piece

Cut out your pattern pieces and/or chiffon using these guides:

Red Flowers (Smaller Chiffon) Pattern Piece

28” X 10.5” (cut 2) Top chiffon pieces.
28” X 12.5” (cut 2) Bottom chiffon pieces.

Pink with owls Pattern Piece

 The only difference between the Top and Bottom pieces is that Line D is shorter for the Top pieces. This provides the fullness across the bust and also the layered look on the bottom. I just made one pattern piece and then drew a line from the top corner down to the 10.5” mark on line D. Then I folded along the dotted line to cut the Top pieces.
Cut 2 Mirror of Top
Cut 2 Mirror of Bottom

Step 3 - Roll Hem the chiffon.
Follow the pattern instructions for doing rolled hems. Note that Side A is the side that does not get hemmed.

Step 4 - Follow the Pattern to create the shell and lining.
When attaching the chiffon, make sure the pieces are placed correctly.

Step 5 - Finish according to the pattern and enjoy wearing your new “Casual” Vera’s!

~ Cynthia Hendrickson

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