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Friday, June 5, 2015

Usage Policy for CKC Stock Photos

We often have boutiques ask if they are allowed to use our CKC photos on their pages to advertise the styles they have available in their shops. And our official answer is "some of them"!

While we recommend that each boutique owner sew each outfit herself and photograph it before selling, we know that sometimes this is not feasible as you're getting started. We love to support boutiques who use our patterns, so we have decided to let you use some of the photos from our website!  Please note that this permission is limited to our stock photos only.  Some of the photos on our website have been provided by testers and customers who gave us permission to use them for CKC purposes, but not anywhere else. So it is VERY important that you know what makes an official CKC "stock photo"!  Here are the six different watermark options to look for on the website, that will indicate that a photo may be used as a stock photo: 

Any of our new pattern covers that look like this (in varying colors) may be used as a stock photo:

Any of our photos on the website that have the Create Kids Couture logo on it may be used as stock photos. There should be at least one for every pattern: 

 Any of the photos on our website that use the "Dainty Photos" watermark may be used as a stock photo: 

Any of the photos on our website that use the "Tiffany Vela" watermark may be used as a stock photo:  

Any of the photos on our website that use the "Nikki Luke" watermark may be used as a stock photo:

Any of the photos on our website that use the "Polka Dot Umbrella" watermark may be used as a stock photo: 

The watermarks we just showed you are currently the ONLY photos that may be used as stock photos.  If a photo has any other watermark or no watermark at all, you may not use them. Period.  

IMPORTANT--  We have a few additional usage rules you need to know!  You must read and agree with the rules before posting any of our photos: 


1 - Only watermarked stock photos from our website may be used. (See above.)

2- You may use the stock photos on your Facebook, Etsy, websites, business pages, etc., as long as you follow the rules.

3 - You may not alter the stock photos in any way. This includes cropping, editing, etc. 

4- Your listing or description MUST state that the photo belongs to CKC and that you did not sew that particular outfit. You also MUST link back to the pattern listing that the photo came from. For an example of what that may look like on a Facebook listing, see the red box below.   

That's it for our rules!  As long our customers can follow our usage policy, we will continue providing stock photos. Please be considerate. Also, if you notice that another boutique is not following the rules, please share this blog post with them. If any additional help is needed, please email us at

We wish the best for you and your boutique! We have additional helps available with our Boutique Basics tutorials, so be sure to check them out! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 


  1. Thank you for this! Truly a life saver while starting out.

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