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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Evie's Maternity Top

Hey everyone! I am Nikki, the head of the women/tween department here at Create Kids Couture. I
decided it was time that we do something special for all the fans that are expectant moms! So here is a tutorial on how to use our Evie’s Women’s Everyday Knit Top pattern to make a maternity top!

You will need the Women’s Evie pattern and the materials listed in the pattern, with a little
extra fabric for the front shirt piece. Start by printing the pattern pieces, taping them
together, and cutting out the size you are making. 

Cut the back piece out of your fabric using the pattern instructions, and set aside.

Now for the front shirt piece, you need to draw a line straight across the pattern, splitting the pattern at the center of the curve, as shown above. 

Cut the pattern in half. 

Now place a 12” long strip between the two pieces and tape in place. Draw and
cut the curve so the piece is similar to the original shape, but longer.

Now that we have our piece adjusted, cut the front piece from the
fabric, following the pattern’s instructions. Cut out the rest of the pieces according to the pattern.

Now sew a gathering stitch along each side of the front shirt piece, starting 3” below the arm curve and ending 3” from the bottom, as shown below.

Gather the sides of the front piece evenly until the front is the same length as the back, as shown below.

Lay the back on top of the front, right sides together. Pin and sew along the shoulder seams and the
side seams.

Now all you need to do is continue following the pattern instructions to finish sewing your top. Then
share your Maternity Evie with all of us in the Create Kids Couture Pattern Group! 

~ Nikki

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