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Monday, January 5, 2015

CKC Crocheting 101 - Getting Started

Hello CKC family!  Kristi here to get you started on the road to crocheting beautiful things!  With the launch of the new crochet patterns, I thought I would throw out a few tips and tricks to help beginners or CKC fans who have never picked up a hook! 

When I get ready to crochet, I take off my jewelry, tie back my hair and get comfy on the couch!  The great thing about crocheting is there is no getting up and sitting back down...and you can basically crochet anywhere! 

The first thing you will need for a project is the correct hook size.  My advice is to purchase a variety pack so you will have plenty to choose from.  While the pattern will call out a specifv hook size, there will also be a gauge for the exact stitch size.  It's very important to check your gauge before you start each project.  Depending on how tight or loose you tend to crochet, you may need to go up or down in hook size to make gauge.  NEVER change hook size in the midde of a project!  You may think the hook one size up doesn't look that different...but it will greatly change the look and size of your stitches compared to your previous work.

Along with hook size, using different thickness, weight and even brands of yarn can affect your stitch size and gauge.  Don't be afraid to experiment with different types and brands!  The easiest way to to pull the yarn from the skien is to pull from the center.  You will have to pull it out manually at first, but as you go, it will naturally unwind itself!  I like to put my yarn on the couch with me, directly to my left.  But others like keeping in their lap or even find it easier to place it on the floor at their feet.  Whatever feels more comfy to you!

Other advise I tell new crocheters is:

*Don't be afraid to undo stitches!  Unraveling is easy if you catch a missed stitch.  Just undo up to where you missed and start again!

*Experiment with colors and yarn varieties...A LOT.  Everyone has their own style and taste--that's what makes handmade so much fun! 

*Don't get discouraged!  If you need help, don't be shy to post questions in the pattern group!  There might be someone having the same issue you are!  We are all here to help each other!

I hope I have helped you a little to start exploring a whole new hobby!  

Now you are ready to crochet!  

Love, Kristi

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