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Monday, December 22, 2014

Hooded Bath Towel Tutorial

A few days ago one of our fabulous testers, Kelly Hodge of Simply Tutu, shared a Hooded Bath Towel tutorial in our patterns group.  It was a hit, especially with her creative use of embroidery to make the towels even more amazing!  Since then we have had so many people wanting a copy of it to save for later that we knew we should have it on our blog for easy access. So I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Kelly for sharing her free tutorial with us on the blog today!  Here's Kelly: 

2 standard size bath towels
rotary cutter
plate for tracing
sewing machine
decorative fabric (optional)

Take the first standard size bath towel and cut it into a rectangle 11-12" tall by 20-22" wide.  If you use the bottom edges it will save you from hemming the hood later.

1 bath towel can make up to 4 hoods.

Lay the hood rectangle you just cut out on a flat surface. 

Fold the hood piece in half short side to short side and trace a curve along the top folded corner, as shown in yellow above. Cut off that curved corner. 

Open up the hood piece again and add decorative trims, embroidery, or fabric during this step.

Note: To embroider on a towel, use a stabilizer on the bottom and the top. Water soluble on top is best. 

Fold the hood right sides together and stitch along the top curve only.

Open the hood up and find the center of one long edge of your standard sized bath towel. Pin the right sides of the hood to the right side of the bath towel. Serge or zig zag stitch them together. 

If you use a zig zag stitch, I suggest doing a straight stitch on top too, just to secure everything together.

Once you have sewn them together, flip right side out and admire your handy work!

You can fold the towel in half and then roll each side into each other for a super professional finish. 

This is just the basic pattern for how to construct the hooded towel. You can definitely customize them to fit your needs. You can line the hood, add snaps or velcro, arm holes, french seams, or bias tape to hide the seam. The possibilities are endless.  


Thank you so much, Kelly!  

Didn't she make that look easy?  If you love what you see here and want to go show Kelly some love (please do!), you can find her SimplyTutu Facebook page here and her SimplyTutu Etsy shop here. She has reeeeeally cute creations available.  

We can't wait to see the hooded towels you make using this tutorial.  Please share your photos with us in our patterns group! It's a fun place to show off what you're working on and inspire each other.

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 


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