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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

7th Day of Christmas: Stuffed Animal Scarf

It's the 7th Day of CKC Christmas and we have a fantastic freebie tutorial for you today!  It comes to us from Tosha Smith, our dance wear designer at CKC. Tosha has such creative and trendy ideas, and I'm sure you'll agree that she is right on the money with this one!

How cute is that?!  Yes, it's a scarf made out of a stuffed animal!  My kids are going to flip when they see this!  I don't recommend cutting your kids' furry best friend in half without their permission, but there are lots of stuffed animals out in the world just waiting to be made into a favorite accessory! 

Tosha has made her step-by-step tutorial into a FREE downloadable PDF file for us, so simply CLICK HERE to get started on your own Stuffy Scarf right away!  

I wonder if there's an age limit on this project, because I'm pretty sure I could use a minky Stuffy Scarf myself. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

1 comment:

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