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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bodice Embellishment as a Suit Jacket or Vest

Today we have a guest post from one of our fabulous pattern testers, Stephanie Morgan Baker from With Love Designs by Steph. She always has such creative ideas and we LOVE what she did to embellish one of our latest releases, so we invited her onto the blog to show us how it's done. Here's Stephanie! 

When I was chosen to test Dawn's Darling Top, I was given the opportunity to embellish the bodice some. I did my take on the Mad Hatter. It received rave reviews and many people asked how to get the suit jacket look for this pattern. 

Well I am so honored to have the chance to walk you through how I achieved the look. The devil is always in the details! I love themed outfits and/or costumes, they are just so fun to do. So here's my take on a girly Superman and how to achieve the look! I threw in a super cute Lex Luthor too!

Items needed:
Fabric required per pattern
Extra fabric for "suit" 
Printed bodice piece
Extra paper
Buttons (or other embellishments)

Step 1: Print pattern pieces, and cut out all pieces according to pattern directions. I cut the back bodice out of the same fabric I'm using for the suit, and the front bodice in the "under shirt" fabric.

Step 2: Tape cut bodice pattern piece to a sheet of paper. We are going to draw the suit shape you'd like to see. I measured about 1 1/2" out from the fold line, as I wanted the suit pieces to overlap to achieve the buttoned look. Then draw your lapels, I like mine to start right at the straps, so I start there and draw a line from there to connect to my vertical line. I just eyeballed it to show some of the Superman logo on my bodice. Remember you will have about a 1/4" seam allowance. Now cut out your new pattern piece. 

Step 3: Cut 2 suit pieces, mirrored. Then cut your lapel pattern piece from your suit pattern piece. Cut 4 lapel piece using your pattern piece, with 2 being mirrored. 

Step 4: Sew 2 lapel pieces together with right sides together, leave one side open to turn the lapel right side out. Trim as needed to turn lapel. Repeat with other two lapel pieces. 

Step 5: Turn lapel pieces right side out. Press with iron to get crisp lines, and then top stitch. Take top-stitched lapels line them up with your suit piece and baste stitch 1/8" from the edge of the suit piece. 

Step 6: Press back the suit piece 3/8", repeat with second suit piece. 

Step 7: Baste stitch the suit piece to the top and side of bodice. Then top stitch the suit to the bodice piece. Repeat with other suit piece. Now complete the construction of your bodice per pattern directions. Add buttons or embellishments to your liking. You are all done! 

As you can see from my photos, this can be done in different shapes (see Mad Hatter) and even adapted for other patterns. My Daughter is wearing Dawn's Darling Top in the Superman photos and my Son is wearing Andrew's Overalls also embellished with lapels. The Mad Hatter is Dawn's Darling Top and Blossom's Tab Shorts.  

Thank you so much, Stephanie!

Isn't she fabulous?  If you want to see more of her creative ideas and goodies she has for sale in her shop, you can go visit and show some love at her page, With Love Designs by Steph.  We would also love to see what you make using her tutorial as inspiration! Please share in our patterns group and tag us both. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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