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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Virtual World Fair 2014 ~ Winners!

It's time to announce the winners of our 1st Annual CKC Virtual World Fair!  We had so many cute entries and we were really impressed, not only with your beautiful sewing skills, but also your generosity in donating to the hospital. Thank you!!! I can't wait to deliver your gorgeous creations! 

Just as we promised, we have chosen winners for each category and we will be sending out your ribbons and judge's feedback very soon! If you aren't familiar with the guidelines for our fair, you can read about them here.  And if you would like to know exactly what criteria they were judged on and what we looked for in the entries, you can read that information here and get some helpful tips for the future! 

We chose a few overall winners and we'll get to that later, but for now we want to show you some of the cuteness that our CKC fans sent in!  First we will start out with just a few of our favorite 2nd Place Red Ribbon winners: 

Faith's Shirred Sundress, by Brenda Ernzen

Valerie's Shirred Bolero, by Delorise Ellsworth

Emmett's bow tie & William's vest set, by Delorise Ellsworth

Mimi's Twirly Peasant Top, by Delorise Ellsworth

Congratulations, ladies, on all these beautiful outfits that stood out to us!  And now it's time for the 1st Place Blue Ribbon winners. There was only one blue ribbon awarded for each category. Here they are!

Amber's Simple Halter Top, by Brenda Ernzen

Baby Wyatt's Shortalls, by Delorise Ellsworth

Taylor's Pajama Bottoms, by Brenda Ernzen

Poppy's Peekaboo Dress, by Amber Hunt

Ashli's Pleated School Girl Dress, by Delorise Ellsworth

Taylor's Pajama Pants, by Brenda Ernzen

Scarlet's Shirred Skirt, by Delorise Ellsworth

William's suspenders and vest set, by Kristi Fitzpatrick

Taylor's Bottoms, by Brenda Ernzen

Willow's Wrap Jacket, by Kristi Fitzpatrick

Aren't they all fabulous?  Not only are the winning entries really cute, but they also have excellent workmanship. And now, for our special overall awards: 

Judge's Favorite: Willow's Wrap Jacket, by Kristi Fitzpatrick

Most Blue Ribbons Earned: Brenda Ernzen

Most Ribbon Points Earned:  Delorise Ellsworth  

Congratulations, ladies!  You can be watching for your ribbons, judge feedback, and free pattern vouchers in the mail! 

Thanks again to all those who entered and donated to the children's hospital! We even received some very generous donations of items that were not to be judged but just to be delivered to the children. Thank you! All of your help is heartwarming and we are so excited to share the CKC love. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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