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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Embellishing with Felt Flowers

Now that the weather is cooling off here and it is starting to look more like fall, I thought I would share a fun embellishment for peasant dresses. Of course you can do this on any type of dress or top, or even on the leg of some pants! I love to embellish things and make them unique for my kids. This technique is perfect for this time of year in fun Fall colors or you can also do bright colors for Spring. Today I used Merideth's dress (minus the center ruffle) and Jenna's pants, but again you can use any patterns that you'd like!

Materials Needed
Peasant dress or item you want to embellish 
Multiple pieces of different colored felt 
Scissors or pinking shears (Or even a rotary cutter and mat) 

First you will print the template and cut out the pieces. The flower template is different size circles and they are labeled from #1 to #5 from smallest to largest. The leaves are also labeled from smallest to largest. Once you have the pieces cut out, select your colors of felt. I have chosen 5 for the flowers and 1 green for the leaves. 

Now determine which size flower you want to make and pin the pieces to the felt. If you are making a size 5 flower you will need 1 of each piece for that flower. Now cut out the pieces. 

 Repeat the last process until you have the number of flowers and leaves that you want cut out. For this dress I decided to make 5 multi-colored flowers with 4 leaves. 

After you have everything cut out, I suggest you lay your peasant dress out and lay the flowers and 
leaves on it to decide how you want them placed. It may be a good idea to take a picture of the pieces laid out to refer to later on. 

After you decide on placement, remove all flowers except the bottom layer of the top left one (If  there are leaves on that flower leave them on the dress too.)

Now we will sew the leaves on. I prefer to just sew down the middle of the leaves, making a vein type pattern. After the leaves are attached you need to attach the bottom layer of the flower. To do this, you will sew 3/8” from the outside edge all the way around the flower, using your presser foot as a guide. 

Now lay the next layer on top of the flower and sew 3/8” from the outer edge of that layer all the way
around it. 

Continue stacking and sewing until you finish that flower Then move on to the next flower, repeating the process. 

And now you're done. How easy was that?!? It is such a great embellishment and you can easily make it look different each time. Here are two that I have made this week! 

Now go have fun creating and don't forget to show us what you make! 

~ Nikki at Create Kids Couture ~

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