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Monday, September 15, 2014

50,000 Fan Scavenger Hunt

It's been awhile since we've done a BIG giveaway and it's definitely time! We have been so blessed this year at Create Kids Couture with an abundance of new fans; we are so grateful for each and every one of you. We have been working out the logistics of this giveaway for month's so we are overjoyed that it is FINALLY here. Those of you who frequent our fan page and Facebook group have been excited for (and intrigued by) this giveaway as well. It is officially time to celebrate so with great excitement we announce the 50,000 Fan Scavenger Hunt Celebration to everyone!

So what is a Scavenger Hunt and how do you do it online, you ask? 
A scavenger hunt is a game where the organizers create a list of clues and the "hunters" have to find the solution to the clues. On our entry form, we have 28 clues listed with links to all of the participating shops. Search each site using the clue(s) given to you in the entry form, the solution is the link to the page with the "You Found It" button on it. Sometimes you will get to a page with a clue's solution only to find yet another clue. Hint: Make sure you are reading product descriptions to be sure you aren't missing any clues. 

What is the "You Found It" button?
Below is the picture of the button. When (and only when) you find this button, copy the webpage address. Do not click on the image and copy the image address. Webpage addresses ONLY please.  

What if I can't figure out the solution to a clue? 
If you can't figure out the solution to a clue, go to the page's Facebook Page (links are listed below) and ask for a hint! If enough people ask, hint's will be given! Please only do this after you have really searched the site and you just can't solve it. There will be no hints for the first 3 days. Also, please do NOT post solutions anywhere, that spoils the game for other people and all the pages that are donating prizes. Thank you <3

How long is the Scavenger Hunt running? 
We want to give everyone ample time to complete all of the clues so you have 2 weeks. The Scavenger Hunt will be running from Monday, September 15, 2014 through Sunday, September 28, 2014. All entries must be in by 11:59pm PST on Sunday evening to be eligible to win the prizes. Hint: If you are going to be working on this over a period of a few days, we highly suggest posting links to the solution in a Word document. This allows you to save it to your computer and easily put the solutions in the entry form when you have found them all. Nothing would be worse than doing all this work only to lose it before you have submitted the answers!

How do I win the awesome prizes?
In order to win the prizes, you need to solve all the clues. Once you solve them all and submit your entry form you are eligible to win one of the awesome prizes! 

How many winners are there and what do we win? 
We were so lucky to get so many pages participating in this fun event! Thanks to all of the amazing sponsors we will have 5 lucky winners! 

Grand Prize Winner
All 11 paper patterns for you and a friend AND 25 PDF Patterns of your choice!

Fat Quarter bundle and Rolie Polie of one of Riley Blake Designs newest lines
Fabric Bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics
$50 Store Credit to Katie's Quilt Shop
$50 Store Credit to Create For Less
$50 Store Credit to Bobbin' For Appliques
August's Box from Stitch Box Monthly (item pictured from previous month)
$30 Store Credit to Giggle Berry Clothing
Christmas Accessory Set from Shadandy Shoppe

First Runner-Up Winner
All 11 paper patterns for you and a friend AND 15 PDF Patterns of your choice!
Fat Quarter Bundle from Andover Fabrics
2 yards of fabric from Polka Dot Umbrella Boutique
$15 Store Credit to Breezy Lane Embroidery
Frozen Necklace from The Little Black Bow
Black and Gold Bow (similar to picture) from J. Elisyn Boutique
5T Dress (pictured) from Unique O's
Second Runner-Up Winner
All 11 paper patterns for you and a friend AND 10 PDF Patterns of your choice
Fat Quarter Pack from Benartex

Girl's and matching doll purses (Doll not included) from Punky Fae
Crown Necklace from Stewiecakes Boutique
$15 Store Credit to Cute Nails by Abbey
Third Runner-Up Winner
All 11 paper patterns for you and a friend, 5 PDF patterns of your choice, AND 2 surprise yards of our in-stock fabrics!
Marblehead Blobal Brights Snack Pack from Fabri-Quilt
$15 Store Credit to Pigtails and Lace Designs
Fourth Runner-Up Winner
All 11 paper patterns for you and a friend, 5 PDF patterns of your choice, AND 2 surprise yards of our in-stock fabrics!
How do I start?
When you are ready to begin, you may go to our entry form and begin! Do NOT submit it until you have all of the results or you will not be qualified to win any of these amazing prize packages! 

Facebook Links to Participating Pages in case you need Hints:

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