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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Winners of the "Get Creative with Freebies" Contest

Last week we announced our mini contest here on the blog in which we challenged you to get creative with our freebies!  Contestants were allowed to use any of the free patterns on our Tutorials page here and then put their own spin on it to create something new. It has been SO fun to see the entries as they have come in and today I get to share the winners with you!  They had such great ideas and I'm sure they're going to spark new creativity in the rest of us! 

One of our winners is Alisha Annand, all the way from Australia! Here is what Alisha has to say about her entry: 

"My son's kindy has two little dolls that each go home with a child every week. There's a notebook for each doll, Barbara and Frank, so that the kids can tell a story about their visit with some photos. I used the free tote tutorial and made the bag a bit smaller to fit the notebooks perfectly, with a carrier pocket on the front for the dolls. Obviously it was just Barbara visiting our house this week and Batman was just a stand in for the picture." 

How brilliant is that?!  Aside from being a fantastic idea for the school kids, I know that each my own kids (even the 11-year-old) would love to have one of these for road trips. Thank you, Alisha, for sharing this with us! 


Our next winning entry comes to us from Grady Benedict, age 6!  He had some help from his mother (Kristen Benedict) of course, and I am super impressed!  Here is what his mom has to say about Grady's winning entry for the contest: 

"I don't know if any other parents have problems keeping kids' medication all packed together on a big trip. It never fails that one of the boys will have an asthma attack while we're away from home, and we seem to always grab the breathing machine but forget some of the parts.  So my sweet Grady came up with an idea to make a travel kit for our breathing machine! He used Colton's Crayon Roll, picked material, decided what size the pockets should be, and even sewed the kit together.  I helped by cutting the fabric, only because I'm such a control freak with my sewing scissors, but all else he did on his own. We hope someone else can use his idea!" 

Thank you, Grady and Kristen!  I'm sure this will come in handy for lots of other parents (and kids) as well! 

(Side note: I'm curious which pattern Grady will choose for his prize. I think he's earned something fun to wear to school, don't you?) 


Our third winning entry in the contest is perfect for Halloween and absolutely fabulous!  This adorable outfit was created by Kristi Fitzpatrick.  She says:

"I used the Hannah's Pillowcase Romper.  I cut out the back and added a knit spiderweb!  I was itching to make something for Halloween!" 

How cool is that?!  Here's a closeup: 

I never would have thought to do something like that and now my mind is spinning with ways I can use Kristi's concept to make fun outfits and costumes for my kids!  Thank you, Kristi! 


Congratulations again to all three winners of our "Get Creative with Freebies" mini contest! You have each won a free CKC pattern of your choice! 

Thank you to the rest of our readers for your entries as well. We love seeing your creativity!  Be sure to keep an eye out for our next mini contest on the blog.  We have one every month.

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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