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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shopping for Knits

Jeanette's Ruffle Back Knit Dress

I know a lot of our readers are afraid to sew with knits and you may be one of them! While it's true that we need to do a few things differently when we sew with knits rather than wovens, I think you'll soon find that different is not bad!  Knits are fun to work with because they're soft, they don't fray on the edges, and they are even easier than woven to get that perfect fit in the outfit you're making. Basically the changes you make when sewing with knits is to use a lot of pins, lower your tension, and use a longer stitch! You can handle that! And with all the adorable dresses and outfits you could be making using knit, it's definitely time to learn so you don't have to miss out on them any longer.

Brenda's Bubble Sleeve Knit Top
Are you convinced? How about if we go shopping?! That's another fun thing about knits! You have more shopping to do! I do a lot of my shopping for knits online but I think if it's your first time using knit, it might be a good idea to go into a store and handle them up close. They're so soft and stretchy! I can't help smiling when I walk into the knit section!  When you go it does help to know what you you're looking for though, so wonderful Kaci put together a video for one of our sew-alongs awhile back, where she takes us right into the store and shows us the different types of knits.  So let's go shopping with Kaci! 

Wasn't that fun!?  

Cosette's Knit and Woven Dress

Now if you live far from fabric stores like I do or if you want more selection than you can find locally, I also love to shop for knits online. There are a lot of stores to choose from, both large retailers and small etsy shops, so don't be afraid to go searching for whatever knit prints and colors you have in mind.  To make it easy on you, we have gathered up links of some of our favorites:

If there is a particular print you have in mind that you can't find at the shops above, don't be afraid to do a search on etsy - there are a lot of small shops that have some really cute knits available! You can also check out, where you can actually design your own fabric including performance knit, but it does come out to be pretty pricey. I've had my eye on their Lego knit though and it's only a matter of time before I cave -- for the sake of my boys of course.  

So that's it. Have some fun shopping! And remember, when it comes to sewing with knits, you've got this! We have plenty more helps available on the blog (just type "knit" into the search box at the top) and of course you can always ask questions in the patterns group on facebook. It's time for you to fall in love with knits!  I know it won't take long. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

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