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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How To Tuesday: Perfectly Mitered Corners

 At CKC as our library of patterns grows so does the desire to have many, many techniques in your kit and kaboodle as mom would say. Hi mom! So today we are going to tackle a simple technique that you can use with a variety of projects!

Perfectly mitered corners are used a lot in quilting, but can also be used to make napkins, placemats, cute pockets and even aprons to be sewn onto dresses. 

For this tutorial I used a piece of paper just to insure you could really see the fold lines. I even ran a pen over top of them so you can seeing them clearly. 

To start you want to press your edges in 1/4" and then again another 1/4". 

Unfold and then repeat this step with all your raw edges. 

Your corners will now have press lines that look like this. 

Now we are going to fold the corners down 3 times as shown below. 

 Next we are going to fold our edges in using the press lines we made in the 1st few steps.

And just like that you have your perfectly mitered edges! Now just pin them in place and topstitch 1/8" along the folded edges

Now you can go practice on some scraps so you'll be all ready and confident when it's time to do the real thing! It really is that easy. 

Happy Sewing Y'all, Morgan

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