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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How To Tuesday: Peek-A-Boo Straps

We have so many creative ladies in the CKC family and when Kaci shared two of her recent creations I knew I had to do a tutorial on this. 

Are these peek-a-boo straps not totally adorable? I mean really, look at this Hadley!

And the oh-so-famous Poppy's!

Now I'm sure most of you know that most straps in CKC patterns are made with one piece of fabric that is folded in half then sewn, like the example below:

The peek-a-boo strap is very similar but it uses two different strips of fabric. Although sewing straps is nothing new I want to make sure you all know exactly how to calculate the math that is needed in order to make peek-a-boo strap, without changing the finished measurements. Trust me when I say there is nothing worse then finishing a step of a pattern only to realize that the small fraction of an inch you thought didn't matter really does!

So when it comes to the math, Kaci has made a super cute and helpful graphic, and I will walk through the steps with you.

To start lets use the example a strap that is to be cut 10" long by 4.25" wide. We calculate the math by using the width of the strap, in this case 4.25''. First you will need to add the seam allowance .75" to the 4.25". This will give you 5". We will then divide the new width of 5" by 2 to get 2.5".

So now your new strap measurements will be TWO strips that are each 10" x 2.5".

Once you have your two new strap pieces cut you lay them right sides together and sew down both long edges and one short edge:

Flip right side out and continue on with your pattern as it is written, most likely where you are top stitching your strap.

I hope you all enjoy this technique and will be putting it to good use with your CKC patterns. And as always we cant wait to see what you create!

Happy sewing y'all,

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