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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Tuesday: Free Pocket Tutorial

I recently saw a pocket similar to the one below on a skirt at a local store. Needless to say I fell in love with it and have been dying to add them to one of my projects. So let's get started! 

To start you will want to cut two 5" x 7" scraps of fabric. Please note this is for ONE pocket. 

Once cut, you lay them right sides together and sew along all four sides, making sure to leave a 1" gap between where you start and finish. 

Flip right side out, press and top stitch along all four sides.

Next you fold down one corner a few inches to your desired length. If you decide to add a button to your pocket, do so now. If you choose not go with a button you will want to sew your corner down. You can do this by sewing right on top of your top stitching. 

Lastly you lay your pocket on your item and sew it in place by sewing right on top of the topstitching. 

And just like that you've added a cute little touch to your project! 

Happy sewing y'all, 

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