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Monday, June 16, 2014

Finishing a Quilt

It's quilt time at CKC!  We have now released our first quilt top pattern and it's gorgeous! You can read all about Barbara's Bedruffles Quilt Top here

If you're new to the quilting world, no problem! We make the instructions very easy for you to follow. You also may not be aware that it is very common for a quilt pattern to come with instructions for the quilt top only.  The finishing and binding is up to you.  But we want to make it easy on you to get your beautiful quilts completed and on your beds, so here on the CKC blog we're providing finishing and binding instructions for all of our quilt tops!  

So basically, you will first sew the quilt top. You will purchase the pattern for that. 

Then you will "finish" the quilt. That is what we're covering today with our downloadable PDF.  

Finally, you will "bind" the quilt. You can learn how to do that on this blog post.   

And then you'll have a gorgeous new quilt to display!  And guess what - we also have patterns in the works for accessories to match your CKC quilt tops. Pillows and curtains, etc.  Amazing!! 

Alright so let's talk about quilt finishing!

Essentially, finishing the quilt means putting together the layers. We need to know how to make our batting and backing the right sizes for the quilts we're constructing. It may sound simple enough, but keep in mind that most quilts are wider than the 42" width of fabric that we buy. Our instructions will be a huge help with this step and it will be no problem at all for you. We'll show you how much to buy and how to construct the backing so the seams are in the right places. 

Our photo instructions will make it all really easy. It's what you've come to love about sewing with CKC patterns - now in quilts!  

Now that you know what you're getting, you can download our free

If you have any questions along the way, please ask! We would love to help you out in our patterns group on Facebook. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

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