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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How To Tuesday: Reversible Shorts

As a mom of a very messy almost-2-year-old, reversible skirts such as our free Reese's pattern is a staple in my little one's closet.
Now with spring in full bloom, what better time to show you all how to make another reversible staple!

To start, let's discuss the patterns you can use when following this tutorial. For girls you will want to use Layne's and for boys you will want to use Ethan's. This tutorial could also be used with our free Taylor's pajama pants if you wish to make reversible pants. 

To start you will be cutting out 4 legs instead of 2. 

You will then follow the first few steps of your pattern until you have something that looks like this, two unfinished pairs of shorts:

Next we will want to iron in all the raw edges by 1/2". Do this to both pairs of shorts. 

Then you will slide one pair of shorts into the other, making sure that your fabrics are wrong sides together.

Next you securely pin all the edges together. 

Top stitch all along both legs. 

Now moving on to the waist of the shorts. We will again top stitch along the edge but this time we will leave a 1" opening as shown below. 

Next we will sew a line all around the shorts that is 1.25" below the line we just sewed. This will create the casing for the elastic. 

You will then thread your elastic though and sew the casing closed just as you would when making a regular pair. 

And then you're done! I hope you all enjoyed this quick little how to! 

Happy sewing y'all,

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